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Start of Celtics Draft Season thoughts
« on: September 30, 2020, 09:28:33 AM »

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Now what Celtics fans have moved into draft mode I wanted to float out a few draft thoughts / observations.

It will be interesting if the NBAs tendency to be a copy cat league / fall into recency biased will help Okongwu and Achiuwa in this draft. They are two players who an agent can easily paint the picture of being the next BAM or BAM light. There are already plenty of NBA twitter posters who had Okongwu over Wiseman and Bleacher report put out in their buzz piece that some teams have made that move. Despite the devaluing of Centers I think we see Wiseman, Okongwu and Achiuwa all go top 12.

It will also be interesting to see if the "held back by UK" narrative surrounding Herro benefits Maxey. That's pitch I can easily see pushed my his agent in an attempt to move up in the 1st.

Tyrell Terry is the first player to leak any sort of measurements claiming to be now over 6'3 (in shoes) and having gained 20lbs (should be around 175-180. For Terry this is great news. However I wonder if the Covid layoff creates any bad weight gain prospects? Its not hard to imagine a Paul Pierce like situation where a player lets himself go since the college season and drops because of this.

With the uncertainty of the g-league I want to see how teams handle picks in the back half of the 2nd. Players willing to go to europe for a year could conceivably take president rather then bringing in 2-way guys.

Also the top of this draft look like it may be a game of who actually wants these guys with Ball and Edwards. Both players are getting some love in the media but also a lot of criticism. I fully expect top picks to be traded at a discount from previous years with talent starved teams moving up to gamble while GS and to a lesser extent Minn move down for safer picks. Can see ATL moving up from 6 for Edwards, NY or Detriot trying to get #2 for Ball, and despite his detractors I expect someone maybe (Kings using #12 and Hield to the Hornets for #3) to make a push for Wiseman.