Who you got at #14? (players are listed in random order)

Tyrell Terry
13 (24.5%)
Patrick Williams
6 (11.3%)
Precious Achiuwa
4 (7.5%)
R.J. Hampton
4 (7.5%)
Aleksej Pokusevski
3 (5.7%)
Saddiq Bey
5 (9.4%)
Jalen Smith
4 (7.5%)
Aaron Nesmith
8 (15.1%)
Kira Lewis Jr.
3 (5.7%)
Cole Anthony
2 (3.8%)
other (please name below and I'll include him in the poll)
1 (1.9%)

Total Members Voted: 53

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Re: Who You Got with the 14th Pick? (Poll added)
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Saddiq Bey        6'8"  216  SF    Villanova

Re: Who You Got with the 14th Pick? (Poll added)
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i cannot believe that some people think ainge has hurt this team by accumulating 3 first round draft picks.  ::)

if this is the sort of woes that ainge brings to the celtics then we are very fortunate to have him as the GM.

Ummm I think you're not looking at every aspect of what I said or what ainge has done.

For the most part ainge has been great but there's definitely things he has either ignored or been flat out bad at - example acquiring a solid big.

A few things about that. First of all, in a rebuild your roster is not always figured out perfectly. Secondly, he did get Amir Johnson (when he was still a positive impact player), Al Horford, and Aron Baynes. He also signed a German center that was a starter this year and held his own at that position. He then signed Enes Kanter. He drafted a big man in Rob Williams that I know many fans want to write off, but still has some very dynamic upside.

The Cs don't have an all-star center because they have all-star guards and forwards. You can't realistically have all-stars at every position.

I'm on board with getting a center that would move Theis to a backup role. I'd like that upgraded as well. But this narrative that Ainge doesn't ever get big men is simply untrue. He doesn't get bad big men that are celticstrong forum binkies, but that doesn't mean he's done poorly.
I understand that most teams can't roll out a front court of anthony davis and dwight howard. But the Heat's front court destroyed us and they lost to the Lakers handily.

The point I'm making is theis and Robert williams are so far away from being enough to take this team to the next level that this should be THE priority this off season. A veteran would be ideal but I'll take anything at this point. This team needs length.

Theis and williams are bench guys , nothing more.

Utter nonsense.

Theis was ranked among the most efficient centers in the league last year, as I remember.  He will be a good off the bench big, which is what his role was originally intended.

Rob Williams has basically completed only one season of games, if you factor his injury loss over the last two years. He is one of the most physically gifted centers we have drafted. For you to dismiss him already is foolish.  Have patience. Let him have a chance to gain experience and learn our defensive rotations better. They are very complicated and take a while to understand. Jaylen Brown was chastised his first two years for his screwing up on defensive rotations. Now he can do it in his sleep.

You replied to me by saying "utter nonsense" but agreed that theis is and should be a bench guy - confused.

As for RW I'm not writing him off at all I'm just not at that point where I have expectations for him yet. Everyone here is ready to replace their bill russell jerseys for this guy and in your own post actually further my point about him. He simply isn't enough not yet.

I was referring to you saying that Theis and Rob "were so far away from taking us to the next level".  I find that statement not fair.  It assumes zero development/improvement in Rob Williams this coming season. If he does not improve or regresses, then it is an appropriate statement.  He is still so young and with even less experience due to injury. I'm betting on his talent, which we all agree is off the charts, will eventually shine as he learns the system better. I also think critics tend to exaggerate his level of current ability to play in the system.

Re: Who You Got with the 14th Pick? (Poll added)
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Would definitely not have an issue if we got Bey. I would like if we could trade up a few spots and maybe make a run at Haliburton or Nesmith(both slotted to go in between 8-12) as well but not sure if they would still be available around the 10th spot.

I would also like us to take a flyer on another small PG in the 2nd or late first..Markus Howard, PG, Marquette. He is IT small in height but wow, he can light it up as a shooter. 2019/20 stats: 29 G, 33.2 mpg, 27.8 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 3.3 apg, 0.9 spg, 0.0 bpg, 42.2 FG% (7.5/14.6), 41.2 3PT% (4.2/10.1), 84.7 FT%

We need these kind of players coming off the bench.

Well, he was one of my two hopes for this draft and he fell to us at 14. God knows we need shooters on our bench!

Re: Who You Got with the 14th Pick? (Poll added)
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Okay, I've made up my mind. I'm guessing Nesmith.