Author Topic: Hey NBA: "Equality" Starts in your own back yard!!  (Read 221 times)

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Hey NBA: "Equality" Starts in your own back yard!!
« on: August 01, 2020, 10:49:45 AM »

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Two things struck me last night re the jersey tags:

Back shot of Robin Lopez, after falling down, sitting on the floor, then standing up. Back of his jersey:  "Stand Up."   Did anyone else catch that?

That was funny.

Not so funny:  Many players chose "Equality."  Some in English. Some in French, and other languages.

Beautiful. I get it. And agree with it.  Probably one of the more popular slogans designated by the NBA's pre-approved list.

Then we get to last night's Celtics Bucks game.

Where on 2 occasions the refs/league went out of their way so that Giannis would not foul out. The first "non-call" in particularly really irked me, where GA hit Theis, who doubled over, and caused a whistle to stop play.  The refs then huddled to see whether the obvious foul passed the deliberate and malicious threshold.  The world could see it was a foul.  The intent was debatable.  But for them to then conclude there was no foul, a foul that would have been his 6th?  C'mon.

Shortly after, when Smart draws a charge, that again would have eliminated GA from the game, only to be overturned in the studio?  If the first one hadn't happened, I would have been more forgiving here, but coming on the heals of that first absurd result, only made the situation look that much more corrupt.

Smart didn't mince words after the game, and said as much: The NBA doesn't want its superstars to foul out. They are not like you and me. They are elite.  They abide a separate set of rules. 

You know, they are the One Percenters.  And the NBA will do everything in their power  to protect them.

The ESPN broadcasters literally acknowledged the dual standard afforded superstars. I think Van Gundy even said he liked it. 


I know this has nothing to do with racial equality or social justice, and I in no way am attempting to diminish the Players' efforts to keep their social messages alive and moving forward.  Just was struck that the NBA is one of the worst example of Equality as it pertains to its set of players.   

Or "Enough".  I think that is another pre-approved slogan. LOL.

Kind of undermines the message. And harms the credibility of the game and the league. 

Let me know what you think.

Re: Hey NBA: "Equality" Starts in your own back yard!!
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Totally fair footed, TP.
Equality in the world! ( But not the game...shhhh). That was the message last nite.

I also noticed and laughed at Lopez “stand up” being on his butt!