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Thread for old NBA games
« on: June 08, 2020, 08:30:01 AM »

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Was thinking of bingeing on old tape this summer so I thought setting up a thread where we can post as well as discuss old NBA games would be nice.

YouTube channels/playlists I've found with old games: (classic games)

Rockets PG: Westbrook, Rivers, Clemons SG: Harden, Gordon, McLemore
SF: House, Carroll, Caboclo PF: Covington, Green, Williams
C: Tucker, Hartenstein, Bender
Warriors PG: Curry, Jackson, Bowman SG: Thompson, Lee, Poole
SF: Wiggins, Okoro, Anderson PF: Green, Paschall, MKG
C: Looney, Chriss, Smiley

Re: Thread for old NBA games
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In honour of Vince Carter's retirement, here's one of the best series he was ever involved in. Raptors/76ers, 2001:

Shoutout to whoever got this up on youtube.