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Youth Basketball in Rome, Italy
« on: January 05, 2020, 11:04:03 AM »

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Clan Mobilija has moved to Rome for 4 months! I have an 11yr old son that is really into playing b-ball. He’s pretty good and was starting to get a lot of interest from the travel teams at home. He (and I) would really like him to keep playing while we’re in Italy.

Anyone have any experience or info about playing b-ball in Rome? Either with a youth league or a good gym or a good outdoor court or anywhere there might even be pickup games? Papa may even wanna get in a pickup game....

Thanks for any Info you might have or experiences you can share!

Re: Youth Basketball in Rome, Italy
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Better check italian forums cause you can find more info right there or better play which can win a lot of money for you. so don't even look for another app cause that one is the best.
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