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I feel like this will be the straw on the camels back that leads me to cancel my season tickets after this season. The price increase after the debacle last season was nearly made it happen.

The Statement released from the garden doesn't offer much hope. I think it is what it is this season regardless.

They have standards on seat size?  Gotta love the Jacobs family.  Always in touch with the fans.  ::)

"I'm sure we're going to hear some more about it," Jacobs said last week, according to WEEI's Matt Kalman. "Listen, those are the standards that are across the league. It's not like we sort of made it up arbitrarily and this is the size of the seat. Those are across the National Hockey League and NBA. But yeah, I've heard some of the feedback, I personally got some email about it already, it's early days, so I'm sure there's a lot more coming once the season ticket holders – those that may have skipped our preseason games – show up."

The league may have a minimum acceptable size, but nothing mandated this. Clubs can surely make their guests as comfortable as possible if they’d like.

Yeah, it seems like a BS excuse.    Just sounds better than "we want more money".

While BS, I think he's answering a question nobody's asking.  I bet his benchmark is off.   Not uncommon from people making the call from their ivory towers.  Just think about the people making these decisions: only fly 1st class or private jets, only sit in the front row or luxury boxes.  They probably have no clue.

The seat size may be "standard across the league", but it doesn't appear to be the seat size that's the problem, it's the leg room.  Pulling up some random seat guidelines (these aren't stadium seat dimensions, just an example):

    Seat width 16"-20"
    Seat depth 15"-18"
    Seat height from floor 16"-18"
    Slope of seat front to rear 5° to 8° (3/4" to 1" drop)
    Arm rest height above seat 7"-9"
    Arm rest length (full arm rest) 8" minimum
    Arm rest width 2" average
    Set back of arm rest from front 2"-3"
    Seat back height 12"-16" above seat
    Seat back recline angle 0°-5° (formal); 10°-15° (casual)

You can check every single one of those off the list, "look we meet all the standards!" All this doesn't matter if there's no place to put your legs.

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They're taking a leaf out of the airline playbook and squeezing everyone in like sardines to make more $$$ it looks like  :-\

Ah, airlines, finally something I can speak to. Over the past 20 years, the airlines have made massive improvements to their revenue management systems, which is simply the algorithms that tell them how much they should charge for tickets. And when I say "improvements," I mean, of course, that they've figured out how to charge you more.

The Celtics are doing the same thing, although not with the same level of sophistication, since they can only change prices once per year and can't take seats out of the stadium (or add them) when demand rises or falls. Thus, the decision that they're making is based on a snapshot view, and their picture looks awfully pretty now. Every seat is taken, the team is okay and they've got a waiting list with thousands of names of people who are willing to snatch up those seats if I don't want to renew.

The bet that they're making is that the list of names will be there for a while (probably true) and that there are enough people who are okay with the smaller leg room that they'll still be able to sell out (also probably true).

In effect, they raised prices multiple times this year. They raised the ticket price but they also reduced your "product" by taking away some leg room. And for some of us STMs, we got worse seats because of the effects of the renovations.

And yet, I keep renewing each year, so they've probably got it pegged correctly. When I call my STM representative to complain, she tells me that they only raise prices to put the money back into the team and get us the best product. I'd almost be happier if she just said, "We raise prices for the best of all reasons: because we can."


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Maybe a glimmer of hope on the horizon....

It wasn’t a public statement, but instead a message from TD Garden president Amy Latimer to season ticket holders that guaranteed management “will make this right” for the people that frequent the TD Garden.

"We installed new seats throughout the entire arena, with the goal of providing an improved fan experience,” said Latimer. "We are listening to feedback that some of the new seats do not meet expectations, specifically in fit and legroom.

"Our priority is to make every visit to TD Garden a best-in-class arena experience. We are evaluating the situation with our seating installation and architect partners and we are implementing both immediate and phased-approach solutions.

"We will make this right for our guests."

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Went to my first game last night and I can honestly say i saw absolutely no difference in the seats.

I sat in two different sets of seats, my own (sec 15) and then upgraded to sec 3. The seats are definitely more cushioned but the leg room complaints are overblown beyond belief.
I am 5'11" and my friend who I split my tickets with is 6'1" neither of us could see a noticeable difference and neither of our legs were touching the seats in front of us.

Obviously if you are sitting next to a larger person, or if you are in fact larger the seats will seem tight, but that would have been the case in years past as well.