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Boston Celtics jerseys?
« on: July 06, 2019, 02:20:39 PM »

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Hi All,

[5] Garnett - Green
[9] Rondo - Green
[5] Garnett - White
[12] Brady - Blue  ;)
[20] Hayward - Green

It's time for another jersey. I long wanted a Tatum jersey but was hesitant to buy either a Tatum/Brown one because of trade possibilities. Also I don't necessary like the number 0. With the addition of Kemba Walker I am doubting again which jersey to buy.

- When will Kemba Walker jerseys arrive? Any idea what number he will wear?
- Will the jerseys change this year? I don't think so right?
- Any chance Tatum or another player will pick another number? What does 0 mean to Tatum?

Greetings from The Netherlands! Go C's!


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