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Re: Mannix on OMF radio show.
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Perhaps we need to acknowledge that brown, much like Rozier, was a chemistry problem this season that helped sink our season. Brown was disastrous in the early part of the season, started sulking, attempted to force the issue and got worse ... and eventually started making positive contributions, but the Jackie mac article about him earlier in the year painted the picture of him as aloof and detached. We saw on multiple occasions vets like smart and Morris rip into him publicly for blown defensive assignments or not making the right play.  Kyrie alluded to the young guys needing to focus and buy in, but fans just took the side of the young guys and whined that kyrie threw them under the bus...  perhaps they deserved to be thrown under the bus. 

Perhaps Brown and Rozier both let the fluke playoff run get to their heads and were problems this year.

Or maybe we need to acknowledge that Irving was and is a cancer and praise Brown for standing up to him. I honestly don't know. What I do know if Irving time and time again was an awful teammate this year. Did brown blow assignments? Sure. But those are on court mistakes, its not for sure  indictive of attitude problems off the court. I do know that everybody who knows anything about the Celtics including Stevens goes out of there way to praise how Brown adapted too the year. Nobody seems to be praising Irving for adapting to the situation.

Then theres the fact that Brown stepped up in the playoffs, and Irving shot them out of a series. No doubt Brown had his struggles, many of them mental, but it seems like he learned something at least. And when all is said and done it looks like Brown is gonna be here going forward, and Irving is not.
There's more evidence that multiple players had a problem with Brown than there is evidence of multiple players having a problem with Kyrie.

- Jackie mac article talks about Marcus Smart screaming at Brown

- Mid-game we saw Morris shove and scream at Brown

- Mid game we saw Marcus smart scream at Brown

- Mannix claims Kyrie didn't get along with Brown

On the flip side...

Rozier praised Kyrie as a brother/mentor

Morris praised Kyrie as a leader/teammate

Only real conflict Kyrie publicly had was with Hayward... and Brown.

Brown wins for most frienemies.
Lol, dude, c'mon.

Anyone can act like they win a debate about something like this if they present only positives for one side and omit all the numerous negatives, while doing the opposite for the other side. Talk about dishonesty.

I've defended Kyrie a lot, but this is ludicrous

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It's just where he takes things. You just have to learn not to bite.

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Re: Mannix on OMF radio show.
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If you want to parse praise/problems, Ainge singled out Brown for accepting his role and playing within it.
sounds like he was trying to drive up his trade value