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NFL 22-23 Pre/Offseason Thread
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Since it is Black Monday and more than half the league is done playing, I figured I'd start the off-season thread.

Current Job openings
Indianapolis - Saturday is interim coach (unlikely to be retained based on record, but he never should have gotten job so relationship is there)
Carolina - Wilks is interim coach (he went 6-6 and seems well liked, so he may keep the job)
Denver - fired Hackett 2 weeks ago
Houston - fired Lovie Smith today
Arizona - fired Kliff Kingsbury today

Potential Job openings
L.A. Rams - McVay contemplating if he wants to return or take some time off to be with family
New Orleans - Allen, kind of fell into the job last offseason and didn't exactly impress
Dallas - McCarthy may have to beat the Bucs
Tampa Bay - Bowles may have to beat the Cowboys

Belichick announced he was returning, there were some rumblings he may retire, but that is obviously not the case

Denver has apparently already met with both Jim Harbaugh and Sean Payton.  Payton is under contract with the Saints, who reportedly want more than a 1st round pick for a team to hire him.  That didn't stop Denver, so there is obviously a market even with the high price tag.
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