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Re: Your 2013 sleeper team?
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Atlanta. They got Devin Harris, a star in 09, for next to nothing in Marvin Williams. They still have Josh Smith and Al Horford. They've got an electric player in Jeff Teague and a great scoring punch in Lou Williams. Deshawn Stevenson and Zaza Pachulia are guys who you'd want on your team because they do provide the dirty work. They have a sharpshooter in Anthony Morrow.

The Hawks did give us A LOT of trouble this year. Fully healthy they could be a team packing some wallop.

Re: Your 2013 sleeper team?
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Yep, i agree with the OP:
Nuggets are my west coast sleeper, and I've got the NY Knicks as my east coast sleeper.

Why the Knicks? Because I think the media is already on to Philly and Brooklyn, but everyone is writing the Knicks off, IMHO. I think they'll surprise this year.

Bam, this.
People are writing the Knicks off because of last season. But I think having Training camp, practices, and a coach who's not on his way out will make a huge difference. Plus they managed to add good vet bench talent and keep Novak and JR.

I'm much more scared of NY than Philly. They were already an immature team and have made that so much worse. Plenty of young talent, but I don't see them pulling much together this season.

Nuggets are in a perfect position to surprise people. If a few things go their way, I could see them pulling an upset and making it to the WCF. But no farther.

Re: Your 2013 sleeper team?
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I'm on board with you about the Nuggets.  I think Iguodala is the perfect addition to that team, and they have a LOT of potential once Lawson - Faried - McGee start really developing chemistry.

I can't wait to use the Nuggets in 2k13.
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