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Author Topic: Bucks (1-1) at Celtics (1-1) Round 2 Game 3 5/3/19  (Read 25812 times)

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Re: Bucks (1-1) at Celtics (1-1) Round 2 Game 3 5/3/19
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Though Hayward didn't score, he played well in the first half getting 4 assists and 4 rebounds while going to the basket a bunch and then dishing rather than going up with ridiculously contested bad layups.

Unfortunately, he seems to have taken on Jaylen's bench role of hanging out in corners waiting for the pass out for a three. That, IMO, is horrible use of both Brown and Hayward.

Have the Baynes', Smarts, Theis', Morris' and Roziers of the team play those roles. Have the ball in Hayward's hands playing pick n roll, pick and pop with the Tatum's, Brown's, Horford's and Kyrie's of the team.
I absolutely hate that this is part of Brads offence. Itís such a waste of our talent. Brown is well-suited to playing off-ball, but not just standing idly by in the corner. Hayward is suited to having the ball in his hands. Yet half the time Brad runs his weird 3 man actions that leave two wings just stranded in the corner. Ugh

It's for the drive and kick but Brown and Gordon are actually better suited to initiating the drive and kick, rather than being the beneficiary. I guess Brad has more confidence in their ability to hit corner 3s than with JT or Terry.
Yeah, it's just frustrating when our best passing wing and perhaps second best passer is wasting away in the corner. At least JB is unstoppable from the left-hand corner (from the offences perspective).

I get that it's for the drive and kick, but it clearly leads to them being disengaged
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