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Re: Pacers (0-1) at Celtics (1-0) Round 1 Game 2 4/17/19
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I start to get very skeptical when someone has not a single good thing to say about a player. Like no matter if they did something good or not, it gets spun as him being greedy, or a ball hog, or that by doing his thing he automatically makes the other players turn into shrinking violets (there's some All Stars in there trying to get out! If only!).

I think basketball players tend to know when someone is hot, and feeling it, and it makes sense to feed that player. For most of the game that was Kyrie. But it's worth noting that in the 4th quarter he only had 5 FG and made 3 of them, and 2 of them were open 3s. JT had 9, Al had 4, JB and Gordon had 2 each. JT was the hot hand in the 4th. On a night where Mook went 0-8, Al 2-5 and Terry 2-6 I'm glad JB and Kyrie were able to turn it on. Next game it might be a different person, but Kyrie is the only player on this team who can consistently create his own offense and we need that type of player when the rest of the team is struggling. Especially in the playoffs when defenses are locked on and weaknesses are game planned for.

I think of it this way. Close your eyes and imagine Kyrie on the other team. Are we happy to see him on the other team because he sucks so bad? And do you think Indiana fans are upset to have the overdribbler on their team?