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Re: More fun Marcus Smart stats
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These season percentage stats can be interesting.  Smart was always close, at least it seemed to me.  Compared to last season, Smart is taking 0.3 less 3Pt attempts per game (about one less per week), and making 0.2 more per game (about 1 more every 2 weeks).  That is the essence of his radically improved 3Pt shooting.  Making one more every other week and being more selective.

I had a post a while back (last season) where I broke this down in response to people saying what a horrible shooter Smart was.  I predicted that he would start making 1 more per week and it would change the way everyone looked at him.  One more per week is all he needed to do!  Like the baseball player that gets one more hit per week and is a top player instead of a journeyman.  I did not get this exactly right but I was close.  I did not predict that Smart would reduce his attempts. 

He still seems a little reckless at times but you just have to take that as part of his game.  As others have said, if we can get 37% 3Pt Shooting along with everything else Smart brings, that is just awesome.

Re: More fun Marcus Smart stats
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I will be genuinely heartbroken if he's included in a trade for AD. Very few players play and lead like Marcus.
I'm keeping Marcus at all costs.  The hard part, of course, will be matching salaries without him.


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