Author Topic: Retired NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson, 48, is 'doing well after suffering a stroke  (Read 2010 times)

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Get well soon Kenny!  Used to love him on those fun but ultimately doomed early century teams.

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Yeah, glad to hear he is doing well. Hopefully you will live a long and happy life, Kenny!

I know everybody always talks about what a mistake it was to trade Billups, but Kenny had a semi-successful run for Boston at a time when Billups wasn't quite ready to contribute. He was never much after he left Boston, but he was a joy to watch (here and with those early Coleman/Petrovic teams).

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Get well soon Kenny!  Used to love him on those fun but ultimately doomed early century teams.

Yeah, pulling for Kenny.

Once Obie took over, it might-just might have been more interesting if they had went the other way on pace, picking it up instead of
Slowing it down. Obie thought to go slow, keep it close, and try to pull it out against better teams. With Raef and Waltah, they had shooters at all positions, and good defense. But yeah, they were not contenders in any sense.

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I loved watching Kenny. He was a lot of fun in those early years.

New Jersey was the highlight but I really enjoyed the two others as well. That Charlotte team with Rice & Curry and LJ bringing at power forward. That was a fun team. Old Parish holding down the paint for short minutes.

Then that Portland team alongside Sabonis. Those two were so much fun to watch with the high post playmaking of Sabonis alongside the driving playmaking of Kenny Anderson. A lot of other fun guys too with Rasheed Wallace, Uncle Cliffy and Isaiah Rider.

Never saw the best of Kenny Anderson in Boston but he was still a good glue guy for that young team. Pushed the ball. Shared the ball. Helped to create a nice team situation for Pierce and Antoine.
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