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Re: Hornets (24-25) at Celtics (31-19) Game #51 1/30/19
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10 assists for Rozier - credit where credit is due. He definitely has better decision making when he is starting.


That's why Ainge has a decision to make next week.

Given the AD news, I don't see Rozier going anywhere, as he's still a sign-and-trade possibility this summer, which could be a major part of getting AD.
Actually due to Base Year Compensation it's extremely unlikely Rozier is included in any AD deal.

What is Base Year Compensation?
If a player is going to sign a contract that is more than 20% of what they made the year before or if half of their first year salary is greater than the salary they made before then if they are signed and traded by a team over the cap then the the incoming salary for checking salary to match is their new salary but the outgoing salary is equal to to half of their new salary.

Example trade AD for Tatum, Rozier s&t at $14 million, Yabu and Williams

Pelicans trade Davis at $27.1 million so that is the Pelicans outgoing salary. That means they have to receive in salary from the Celtics a minimum salary of $21.6 million or a Max of $34 million.

So you want to include Rozier as a sign n trade but he is Base Year Compensation eligible so his salary counts as 50% outgoing but 100% incoming.

So your trade is

Tatum at $7.8 million
Rozier at $14 million incoming $7million outgoing.
Williams at $2 million
Yabusele at $3 million.

So as incoming salary the C's are at $26.8 million. They need incoming salary to be within  25%+/-$100k of that number meaning Davis' $27.1 million fits. Trade okay there.

But Rozier's outgoing only counts as $7 million so Boston's total outgoing is $19.8 million. Needing to take on salary that is at most 25% +/- $100k means Boston can take on a max salary of $24.8 million making Davis' $27.1 million way to much so trade not okay here. Trade fails.

If a third team gets involved it might get easier.

Just a note, the Pelicans have a maximum salary they can take in based on outgoing salary, but no minimum salary that they have to take. They could take in $0 if they really wanted. The only concern in this case is that we send out enough to take in AD (that salary doesn't necessarily have to go to the Pelicans), and that the Pelicans don't take in too much
You mean if they renounce cap holds until they get under the cap? I guess so, but thought they were at around $90 million salary with Mirotic and empty roster slot holds alone putting them over the cap. I question their desire to cut ties with Mirotic and Payton by renouncing them. Though I guess, technically, it looks like you are right. I just never considered that scenario

Re: Hornets (24-25) at Celtics (31-19) Game #51 1/30/19
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Kyrie removed from injury report for Friday


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