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I think you have to either trade a morris/rozier two for one for PF/C with a couple of years left on the contract or just rozier for a pick to free up some minutes for brown/haywood.  I actually like option 1 first as I think now is the time to sell high on morris, even if rozier is not quite so high as the off season.  Are we really sure NYK wouldn't part with KP for TR &MM and a first like the clippers, or even the Sacramento pick. I really think KP would fit great next to Al as a big who can hit the outside shot, rebound, block, and play enough defense to keep the other teams honest.  AL, KP, and baynes would be a nice mix.  Basically upgrading MM for KP.
We also gain the benefit of about 3m less on the cap this year, nd yet still have a younger big to keep going forward.  Might also be a good piece in an AD trade in off season if need be.

Re: Brad Wanamaker Discussion Thread
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Wanamaker's been looking better on the floor recently but he's still no Shane Larkin.  Once he can get people to forget about Larkin, he can start working on getting people to forget about getting a competent vet PG for his spot on the roster.

People remember Larkin foundly because he hit a few big shots last year, but he really wasn't that good at running the second unit. He wasn't better than Wanamaker. In fact, Wanamaker is more of a threat because he can finish on drives -- something Larkin struggled with greatly.

Wanamaker has been more efficient and productive on the court than Larkin was last year. Even off and def ratings suggest the second unit is better with him.

Added to this, Larkin had several seasons to get used to NBA life, schedule, and athleticism before he played for the Cs. This is Wanamaker's first year. He has gotten better and better as he's played more.

I don't really understand the hype that Larkin gets from some people.  He made a difference in a few games for us, but overall he gave us very mediocre, replaceable minutes.  He was a third-string guard who played like a third-string guard.
As Wanamaker plays like a third string PG. The thing about moving Rozier to give Wanamaker his position as 2nd string PG is that sometimes he needs to be the starting PG because Irving tends to miss games every year. There is no way Wanamaker can replace Kyrie as a starter the way Rozier can. None.

Yes, he can. Wanamaker shoots much better than Rozier and is a better point guard. Rozier rebounds better.
that's very debatable.  Rozier is very capable of scoring 20+ points in a game, particularly if he spot-starts for Kyrie.  Wanamaker, not happening.

as for my original comment, my point with the Larkin comparison is that Larkin was capable of running an offense as well has hitting outside shots -- better than Wanamaker is doing so far.  having said that, Wanamaker has shown steady improvement, IMO, since the beginning of the season in terms of his shooting but as for his playmaking and running the offense, not really that much of an improvement.  Defensively, he's better than Larkin if for no other reason than opposing PGs can't just post him up and go over him with ease like they used to do with both IT and Larkin.  Also, there's much less of an advantage when opposing teams force a defensive switch --> they'd kill us with switching to IT and Larkin but Wanamaker doesn't give up nearly as much of a height advantage to the opposition.  I would hope this will help in the playoffs should Wanamaker see the court at all where the switching in prior years was far more prevalent.

Re: Brad Wanamaker Discussion Thread
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Third string PG time

Re: Brad Wanamaker Discussion Thread
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I still don't get the Larkin-Hype on this board... seems like you guys have a weakness for Hobbits. :P
I wouldn't miss Rozier at all. But I also don't think, Wannamaker is the best backup-PG option. He may be solid... but a backup to  Kyrie Irving... come on! There are so many good backup-PGs in the league.
As a 3rd-string PG, I don't have a problem with him.
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