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Re: Cavs (9-39) at Celtics (29-18) Game #48 1/23/19
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Did anyone notice the score going down from 41 to 38? It was in the second quarter when Wannamaker hit the 3 and there was a timeout called. Our score before the timeout was 41 and 38 after. No one said a word about it.

Yeah, it was actually 41-36 Cs. When they came back from timeout, the Cavs hit a 3 and the score was suddenly 39-38 Cavs. I assumed they must have called it out of bounds on Wanamaker or they accidentally gave the Cs two 3-ptrs (6 points), but something didn't seem right.

Yes, it was a correction of mistake earlier when the scoreboard gave the Celtics 3 extra points when they didn't even have possession. Strange that it took them a few minutes to see the error.

I am pretty sure the second one is what happened. The TV scoreboard gave the Celtics credit for a 3-pointer when we didn't actually make one. They were probably tipped off about it over commercial break and then fixed it.
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