Author Topic: Is this a scandal: Obama approved 310M in legal advice for illegal immigrants.  (Read 945 times)

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It's likely to be completely impossible to allow for most illegal immigrants to have a defense without paying for it. I'm just guessing here, but I'd say just in order to move proceedings along someone needed to pay the bills.

Again guessing, but it doesn't say it is illegal for the government to pay for the representation, just that it is not obligated to do so.

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I've been seeing this all over R wing sites and wanted to get opinions.

The Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 292, states that aliens in removal proceedings "shall have the privilege of being represented (at no expense to the government)." Immigrant special interest groups, sometimes on behalf of unaccompanied minors, have tried since 1996 to challenge this section, claiming it violates aliens’ rights. Federal courts have always rejected these claims.

are you a russian bot?
I'm definitely not a bot and definitely NOT Russian. I actually hate the whataboutism that's come to light on both Hillary and Obama. What I was trying to get an opinion on was the reach by the Right (far right) to see what crap they could dig up to smear Obama. It seems like whenever things are looking dire for POTUS, the far right seem to dig up dirt to have their people look the other way. I think its an abomination its done and right now its at an all-time high.
BTW, I am moderate AA democrat. I do subscribe to emails that seem to 'smear' anything Obama or Hillary.


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