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I'm going to go against the grain here and say the Clippers will finish out the season strong.

I know he's not everyone's favorite coach here, but Doc Rivers isn't one to tank unless his hand is really forced.

He won COY in '00 when he lead a Magic team everyone thought would be one of the worst in the league to 41-41.  The Magic were rebuilding, having lost/trading away vets like Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Horace Grant, Dominque Wilkins, Ike Austin, etc.   Their most depended on players (based on total minutes) were Darrell Armstrong and Bo Outlaw.  Doc got them to .500.  To realize how remarkable this was, in the 56 years of the award, only 2 other coaches have had an equally bad or worse record and won COY and that was in '67 and '78.  So for Doc to win COY going 41-41, you know expectations had to be low.

Now the 2 years in Boston he had losing records ('06 and '07) he was saddled with young players.  Doc is at his best when he's coaching vets, and that's what LAC currently still has for most of their rotation: Gallinaro, Bradley, Beverley, Williams, Gortat, Chandler, Muscala, etc.

I don't know if they'll finish in the playoffs, but they'll finish above .500.  That's my prediction.

3 of the players you list are no longer with the team.


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