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Re: Theis: “knee feels great. Fully recovered.”
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I don't actually think there is a pecking order outside the starting 5 and Marcus. Like it seems there are two groups. Baynes will play bigger minutes in some games, Theis in others. I guess there mpg will be roughly similar.

Definitely look for Morris to have his minutes curtailed this year, unless Tatum gets the sophomore yips..

Marcus Morris could be on the trading block one suspects...

I agree that if you look at Baynes and Theis, their playing time will vary depending on match-ups, no doubt.  I think Baynes in general will play a more consistent role because he is our only true center defender.  His skillset is more unique so he will get his minutes.

As far as Morris, I think he is a clear notch above Theis.  Now Theis may improve and Morris may continue to have lingering knee problems but all things equal, I see Morris as a more important contributor than Theis.  Smart and Rozier are a clear notch above all of these bigs.  So if Smart and Rozier are 6 and 7, I have Morris at 8 and Baynes/Theis 9/10. 

This is based on ability or value and may not translate exactly to playing time due to positional depth.  We have a lot less positional depth with bigs than we do with wings and smalls.  This may result in Baynes and Theis getting more minutes than you would expect from the 9th and 10th on the depth chart as compared to Smart and Rozier and their 6th and 7th slots on the depth chart.  This is the roster balance issue that the team has.  We are kind of forced to play Baynes who is OK while having limited minutes for Rozier who is a much better relative player.
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