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Author Topic: Poll: Jaylen, Rozier, Baynes For Capela  (Read 992 times)

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Re: Poll: Jaylen, Rozier, Baynes For Capela
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No way.  If you pay a king's ransom it is for Anthony Davis.  We need to save our chips until the Pelicans finally trade him.  Celtics have the best assets to offer right now.  Capella is good but he is not a potential top 10 player in the league.
I just don't see Brown, Rozier, and Baynes as a kings ransom.  heck I'd be pretty surprised if Rozier and Baynes are even on the team next year.

Did you forget the FOUR 1st round picks we have in 2019?  Add that on top of all the other pieces we have and it's a treasure trove.  We always seem to overvalue other teams assets and undervalue our own in this forum.

I mean look at the Leonard trade, we could have easily outbid the Raptors if we wanted to but we didn't.


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