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Re: Greatest Sports Franchise in the World
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Funny that neither tennis nor golf are a top sport anywhere despite having such worldwide appeal (well, mostly).

And, I get it, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and I really do try to like it, but is there any doubt that basketball and American Football are clearly more entertaining? Like, I am sure I am biased being from the States, but I had pretty equal access to all sports growing up and I can't understand soccer's wild popularity. If the field were like half the size with more scoring and actual contact/action, perhaps it would make a lot more sense to me.

As for the OP's question, I will take people's word for it on soccer. I will go with Yankees for baseball, Celtics for basketball, Patriots for football, and let's polish it off with Tiger for golf (because nobody has even remotely touched his level of popularity since).
Yep, you said it yourself. You are biased. No worries though. We all are! 8) Personally speaking, I have pretty much no idea how American football works. No idea whatsoever about baseball, hockey, cricket etc. I've played mini golf once when I was a kid and that's about it. So basically no idea about golf either. Love basketball though, cause it's the second most popular sport in my country. The way I see it, soccer is for sure the most entertaining sport. Not even close. I grew up playing the sport and I love it. In fact, I still play soccer 1-2 times a week. Never played most of the other sports, so that's the number one sport for me! I bet this is how it works for most people.

Having said that, I guess there is a reason soccer is the most popular sport in so many countries. Everyone can play soccer. Tall/short/quick/slow/skinny/strong/whatever, you can still play the sport at the highest possible level. Lionel Messi (arguably the best player in the world) is 5'7! At the same time Thibaut Courtois (the Belgian keeper, one of the best in the world) is 6'6. Soccer is primarily about skill. Roman Riquelme was slow as f@ck, yet he was considered one of the best players of his generation. There are literally numerous examples like these.

Love the fact that there can be a tie as well. It's easier for the weaker team to salvage something from the game.
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Re: Greatest Sports Franchise in the World
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1. Celtics
2. Patriots
3. Red Sox
4. Everyone but the Lakers and the Yankees
Last.  Lakers and Yankees (tie)

Re: Greatest Sports Franchise in the World
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Who are these talking heads and what exactly are they saying?  I want links, quotes, names, etc. not just vague references to things.

For example, on July 4th Cowherd did his 10 biggest sports brands in America.  The Lakers were not #1.  He went by brand which is different than great of course, but still Lakers didn't top it (and they are probably a bigger brand than greater franchise right now)

No vague reference here. It was mentioned today on Fox Radio I dont know the name of the talking head. It sounded like Jalen Rose, but I doubt that Jalen Rose would appear on the Fox channel so it may have been someone else.
so 1 random guy on Fox is all of sudden talking head continually talking about how great the Lakers are.  got it.


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