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Re: Celtics (0-0) vs 76ers (0-0) Vegas SL Game 1 7/6/18
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Bird looks pretty good, but I'm afraid his frailty is always going to be an issue.  He just doesn't have the look of any sort of sturdiness aboout him.

Are you serious, Reggie Miller and George Gervin looked anorexic and they did fine.  It's not the old NBA where hand checking could stop guys who were skinny.

Yes, I'm serious.

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.

Re: Celtics (0-0) vs 76ers (0-0) Vegas SL Game 1 7/6/18
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We know Semi can defend, so no surprise there. I donít think it means much that he was able to attack the rim in a summer league game, the defense is terrible in summer league. To be more than a fringe player in the NBA he needs to be able to hit threes. The fact that he does not seem to have improved on this is concerning.
Fair enough.  Let's see how he does tonight.  He might have felt undue pressure to lead this junior squad.
Just watched the 9-minute replay of offensive highlights:
Most of Korkmaz' outside field goals came with Semi guarding him.  He gave him too much space and didn't move laterally very well, even got outfaked.  This is a concern.

These comments are baffling... Are you suggesting that you can discern any improvement/lack of, in Semi's 3 point shooting, in 25 minutes of one summer league game?? Also, you do realize the season ended 4 weeks ago, right? Did you expect some type of incredible jump in his game since then?

I love this blog, but some of these takes are pure nonsense.
Thanks for sarcasm, but so sorry your are baffled.  Perhaps I can help you.

I was actually the one who was claiming that Semi looked real good in the 1st game.  Then bellerephon pointed out that we can expect that kind of performance from a guy who started playoff games only a month ago.  So what did I do?  I went back and watched the replays again and saw a concerning issue that explained (at least in part) why an opposing player went off for 40 points.  If you've got a better explanation, I'd love to hear it.

Im not sure where you are getting sarcasm. I feel I was very direct with my criticisms.

" To be more than a fringe player in the NBA he needs to be able to hit threes. The fact that he does not seem to have improved on this is concerning." -- Explain to me, and be specific, how this is not a scolding hot and incredibly reactionary take.

Semi started games IN THE PLAYOFFS for a team that was an average shooting night from the NBA finals. I am fascinated about how anyone could disrespect this man by allowing the word fringe anywhere near him.

I dont think i need to say much more.

I am not concerned by an end of the bench player scoring 40 points on a man who flexed his combat muscles on some of the best players in the league, when the games meant something. The guy has ****ned combat muscles the size of Delaware.

Go get some cold water and cool off those spice-takes

To be fair the criticism of Semi that you quoted here is from me, not Surferdad. I stand by my criticism, however. Semi's playing time was largely a result of injuries, if the Celts had a full roster he would not have played much in the playoffs IMHO. He proved that he can play defense at the NBA level, he deserves respect for that. But he also showed that he had nothing to add on the offensive end. That will limit him to a fringe role unless he can improve.

In the first summer league game he showed more ability to attack the rim than he showed in the NBA last year, but in truth I don't think that will translate to the NBA where the defense is much better. Especially since he hasn't shown he can hit the three. Defenders won't need to close out on him and can sit back and keep him out of the lane. Furthermore, he's not really all that good at attacking the rim anyways. He did it in a summer league game against guys who won't make the NBA playing terrible defense.

I stand by my comment that his poor three point shooting is a concern. I will concede that it is only one game, but this is his pattern. He shot poorly last year from three. He has given us no reason to think that is going to change. Maybe it will, but until I see him consistently hitting the three, I will be skeptical that he is anything more than an end of the bench defensive sub.

Finally, I don't see him playing enough next season to grow very much. Right now he is the 11th man on the roster at best (Irving, Brown, Tatum, Hayward, Horford, Baynes, Smart, Rozier, Theis, Morris) and could possibly drop further if Wanamaker proves he can play or if the Celts add someone who can shoot. How many minutes can he reasonably be expected to get?

Then, we were VERY fortunate for those injuries, as I firmly do NOT think we would have beaten the Bucks without Semi's stellar D on Giannis!!!


Re: Celtics (0-0) vs 76ers (0-0) Vegas SL Game 1 7/6/18
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I totally disagree. If we had Hayward I think the Celtics end that series sooner.


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