Author Topic: Marvin Bagley signs shoe deal with Puma, largest rookie shoe deal since Durant  (Read 4030 times)

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JUST IN: Puma has signed Michael Porter Jr. Joins Ayton, Bagley III & Zhaire Smith in draft class.

Knox joins the list.

New York Knicks rookie Kevin Knox — the No. 9 overall pick in June — has signed a multiyear endorsement deal with Puma, sources say.

I, smokeablount, have also signed a deal with Puma.

Update: my cat, Kittens B., has also signed a deal with Puma. He is a housecat, not a Puma.
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Scary Terry also signed with Puma.

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DMC signed...

Sources: Golden State Warriors All-Star DeMarcus Cousins has signed a multiyear endorsement deal with Puma. Cousins had been endorsed by Nike.

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As an "oldhead" a.k.a near 40 year old hiphop lover I`m happy to see this. Puma´s were old school kicks for us in the 90´s and we wore those out of respect for "the culture".


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