What level of women's team could a powerhouse boy's high school team beat?

Oak Hill could beat the top women's Olympic Team
3 (30%)
Oak Hill could beat the WNBA All Stars even if the All Stars had a month to practice
0 (0%)
Oak Hill could maybe beat a WNBA team, but not much better.
1 (10%)
Oak Hill could beat the UConn women, but not much better.
2 (20%)
Virtually any top 25 boys team could beat one (or more) of these options.
4 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: What level of women's team could a powerhouse boy's high school team beat?  (Read 1470 times)

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A powerhouse boys high school team could beat the USA womans Olympic team  and it would not be close.  The size and athleticism advantage would be far too much to overcome. 

A decent d-1 high school varsity team could probably beat even the best WNBA team. 
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I think a top high school team would certainly be competitive if not outright beat the WNBA all-stars.  that's just based purely on the physical differences.  now if that high school team doesn't have any real shooters, it's possible the WNBA could win if the high school bigs have no real post game.

just drawing from my own experience in high school playing against a female friend of mine in gym class who was a top all-state athlete (including basketball) where I was a decent player (not on the school team but was more than capable of holding my own against guys on the team who were also in my gym class --> in full disclosure, my school's team really sucked) and would easily outplay her on the court. 

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I generally consider Oak Hill Academy the premiere boys high school team in the country.

That would be Monteverde.

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I mean in theory you could just have a high school team with a few seven footers on it and if you have several 6' + point guards who can throw lobs to the seven footers, it'd be hard to lose.

Women's basketball is just a different sport.  Doesn't mean it's lesser than men's basketball inherently.  It's just different.
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I generally consider Oak Hill Academy the premiere boys high school team in the country. On the radio the other day they said the UConn women couldn't beat a boy's high school team.  I wanted to get the consensus on that.

UConn would have zero chance against a good high school team, much less a program like Oak Hill. Pat Summit used to have her Lady Vols practice against boys high school teams, and they'd get drubbed. They got crushed by boys intramural teams. She said once she not only wanted to do that for practice, but to make sure her girls stayed humble.

The US women's national soccer team plays against high school boys and gets destroyed. For some reason, politically correct fools don't want to acknowledge the differences between men and women, like the John McEnroe/Serena controversy. As Serena said, the men play a different game.

Yeah, this is exactly right.  I went to a Big 12 school and the women's team would select a group of 8 or so dudes each season who hoop at the rec to scrimmage against a couple times a week.  They wouldn't put the best or most athletic players on the practice team, more looking for people who knew how to play correctly, could run an offense, etc.  Even then there was a huge difference and if both teams went full tilt it would not be competitive. 


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