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Author Topic: Poll: would you trade Rozier for the 13th pick  (Read 1129 times)

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Re: Poll: would you trade Rozier for the 13th pick
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That's good value IMO, but I'm torn.  We're contenders next year.  I'm very iffy on a move that makes us worse in a season in which we can potentially win it all.  Any draft pick is very, very unlikely to be as good as Rozier next season.

I'd lean towards no - keep Rozier and go for it.  If the right player dropped in the draft then I'd reconsider, but as of right now, no.
Next year, we add Hayward, and Tatum and Brown grow another year as decision makers. The burden of running the offense is going to shift.

Kyrie will still have the ball because he's so talented, but when he's not in, we aren't going to want Rozier and Smart running the show any more. Remember, Stevens preferred Evan Turner as the primary decision maker when he was still here.  Last year we were stuck with Smart and Rozier when Kyrie was out because our wings were so inexperienced. That's over now.

I would expect the C's to eventually prefer a bigger athlete to back up Kyrie, with the idea that they guard the point, but are better for switching. We won't need them to be the primary creator type of point guard. Rozier and Smart are the last vestiges of the team from 2016/17. The new way is big and fast across the board. We can let them go now.


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