Author Topic: Kyrie: "extension doesnt make sense until next year," talks lebron joining C's  (Read 2466 times)

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NBA players should actually think of buying HK property as investment-300 sq foot apartments can cost a million USD and big houses can cost an entire max contract's salary. The thing that makes these good investements is that the prices are showing no signs of slowing down, you'll still get a heathy 10% profit in a few years or so lol. Just venting how crazy the prices are here so ignore this post haha
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The amount of money that these guys make is cartoonishly absurd, imo. Like, at what point does a person have enough cash?

Christ, I wouldn't even know what to do with even a fraction of these kinds of salaries save for giving most of it to charity, lol ;D.

I mean, the players as a whole more or less work on commission, so it's hard for me to be bothered by what they make. How they split it up amongst themselves is their business.

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Literally THE ENTIRE MEDIA is talking about the possibility of LBJ joining Kyrie in Boston  :P

On one hand maybe it was a "sinister" plan by both to leave that toxic environment in Cleveland (w/Gilbert) and to team up with a more stable franchise like Boston. On the other, I'm just not a fan of giving up a big piece (max player or multiple great ones) to fit Lebron in somehow.

He obviously won't come for MLE (lol)

It's why I'd at least monitor the Kawhi situation a little more. I think he stays put but if not, definitely explore the trade market there.

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I could name a few - the point is more about his priorities.

Rather than saying how great the year has been in Boston and how much he wants to be a Celtic and is very optimistic about working out a contract to stay long-term - he talks about me, me, me in regards to his contract and his $$$$$.

I hope I am proved wrong about this guy, but he strikes me as being extremely self-centered.

Not sure what you're talking about here.  It's $90 million.  Also this is the guy who waived his trade kicker to come here. 

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These are all contrived stories made to look like they’re somethig.  Please stop believing the talkigbheads

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Kyrie is probably hearing Labron rumors, so why give up any info till he finds if there is any merit in any of this. Kyrie left Lebron to make his own legacy, and that isn't in New York.


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