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Best of a Worst Case Scenario
« on: June 12, 2018, 03:31:11 PM »

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Been mulling over in my mind what the Cs options could be if faced with an absolute worst case scenario this offseason.  Which to me looks like this:

- AD isn't traded or worse yet is dealt in one of those absolutely absurd NO/GSW swaps that are going around

- Some team tries to get us to overpay to keep Smart and signs him to $15-18M/yr deal that Danny doesn't much (I don't think he would anyway. Not matching wouldn't be a worst case option here clearly, but losing Smart would hurt a ton)

- Baynes gets a legitimate offer elsewhere we can't match, and are left to fill his void on the roster with our MLE (Brook Lopez?)

- Any attempts to acquire headline talent that would significantly move the needle fails (not that it's necessary anyway)

If people on here are intent on unloading Morris anyway, what about some version of a 3 way deal where Marcus and a pick (Clippers? Ours in 2019?) goes to Washington; Oubre heads to ATL, and we get Taurean Prince?

Total shot in the dark I know and we're trading veteran experience for an unproven guy we hope can equal Morris w/ the lights being brightest but it serves a couple ends:

- Washington gets a legitimate bench option (maybe 2 if they ask work the numbers to acquire Dedmon from ATL too and we send a pick to the Hawks instad) which they desperately need

- Maybe it reignites a flame under Markieff who was a force in the playoffs 2 years ago but definitively seemed to have taken a step back this past season

- Oubre I understand is held in high regard, but he's still a 4th year wing who's career high is 40% shooting; if ATL goes w/ a big man at 3 (which seems likely) the athleticism and flying around of Oubre will serve them better than the inside play and inside play that Prince plays with

- We basically repeat last year's deal for Morris where we acquire a lenghty forward who seems to have fallen out of favor with his current team; who can be a big of a project for BS but rebounds, can defend multiple positions, has a little inside-out game already, and has 2 years left on his relatively cheap deal.

Yes we'd have to pay actual assets to acquire such a player, but any reason to not take a swing on the upside we could be landing here over the next 2 years in this circumstance?


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