Author Topic: If you are CBS do you coach one game tomorrow or coach for game 7 as well?  (Read 1100 times)

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Tonight should be treated like a game 7. Take it from the TB Lightning...had a chance to knock the Crapitals out on game 6 and played like trash counting on a home game 7. Well that backfired and they lost the series.

Get it done tonight. A close game favors Boston no matter the outcome. Make the Cavs work until the last second. Win and it is over. Lose and they will be very tired come Sunday...where the younger Cs will have energy and the crowd.

But DO NOT play with fire. James could pull one of his inhuman games in Boston game 7 and steal this series.
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Brad has always coached that you win the possession then win the next possession and you will win the game. Don't see any reason that would change. He coaches to win every game.
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The Celts should play every game remaining as if it's an elimination game.  Get into that old NCAA tournament mindset.
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You coach to win & adapt on the fly.  Only have an eye on Game 7 if, god forbid, you're getting blown out then you start thinking about managing minutes and getting the bench guys in.
Yup. Play to win unless its out of reach.

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100% about this game, but I'd make sure the game plan had some extra in it that required Lebron to run/chase even more than usual.

Bingo, coach to win in 6 but put in something extra to wear out LeBron just in case.

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