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Re: Lakers promise Mitchell Robinson
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Still hoping for mo Wagner
“The rim is looking bigger and bigger every game.”

 Paul Pierce

Re: Lakers promise Mitchell Robinson
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Allen has regressed the last couple of seasons. That does not bode well.

I like Robinson although I think he has a lot of risk obviously.

Regressed?  His FT% was at a career high his senior year.  His assists were also his highest.  His assist/TO ratio was by FAR the best of his college career.  His steals were his highest as well.

Up from last year:  points, three point percentage, overall shooting percentage, FT %, assists, assist/TO ratio, and his turnovers were down.

I do NOT see the regression you speak of.

I agree with the poster that stated that his stats were down from his sophomore year because of the talent around him.


He only scored 7PPG inside the arc his senior year while barely ever leaving the floor. Saying it's because freshmen stole all his touches doesn't bode well for a guy who's supposed to be a 1st round talent.

DOWN from sophomore year:

* FG%
* 3PT%
* FTA (by half)
* Rebounds
* 2PT (by half)

If anything he regressed badly his junior year, and then was up a slight tick senior year.

Good points.  However, I think you are under-estimating how those Duke teams changed with the addition of talent in those years.

IF we are losing Smart, Allen makes a LOT of sense.


Re: Lakers promise Mitchell Robinson
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the Celts are going to lose Rozier. They can't sign him because he's proven to warrant starters money and starters minutes and they aren't trading Kyrie. So when do you trade him? this year, when his value is highest? Since when has Danny left valuable assets languishing while they lose value? Never. IT, Crowder, Zizic, Pierce, KG, etc. So the question is really how high can they move up in exchange for Rozier or Rozier plus other capital. The Celts are, potentially, one piece away and I think that piece is a rim protector who can shoot threes. I'd go all in on Bamba and his theoretically improved shot. He's bright as hell and would fit in with the culture here on the team and in the city, and he appears to be working hard refining his game (see the Ringer article). Defensively, imagine defending the three point line a year from now with a more mature Brown and a more mature Tatum along with Hayward, Horford, Morris, Semie while having a Bamba there to clean up mistakes. They could be very aggressive on the perimeter and still do a great job protecting the rim. In addition, he can guard the Celtics biggest threats in the East going forward, guys that we can't really guard now: Yannis and Embiid. If Bamba can refine his three point shot, then it's over on the offensive end as well given the talent that they can use to attack the rim after drawing the big away from the basket.

The Celts need to keep the Memphis pick and get a second rounder or two in return (cheap bench guys over the next couple years), but if Bamba falls to Orlando at six, then they should go Rozier, the Sacramento pick, #27, maybe the Clippers and next years pick for Bamba. By next year, anything short of taking down Golden State, given their remarkable progress, will be a disappointment.

Re: Lakers promise Mitchell Robinson
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If we can somehow get bamba, that would be amazing

I use to not like the guy but the more I read about him the more I like


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