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Re: Danny has built a contender
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I'm beginning to get concerned that Irving's ball dominance and iso heavy offensive style coupled with his bad defense will actually make Boston worse.

I think Kyrie is CLEARLY a better player than Rozier and it's not even close. However, this kind of concerns me as well. The one thing Rozier does well is give up the ball and not hold on to it for too long. Kyrie is the opposite. He probes until he finds an opening which causes a lot of the guys to stand around. I hope Kyrie is watching this and is coming to terms with how he's going to need to play while in Boston. If he buys in, we'll have a suped up version of scary terry on our hands.

You don't think Kyrie is watching right now? You don't think he and Hayward are salivating at knowing how many options they have right now?  You don't think they're smart enough to pick their spots?

These guys are staring down multiple titles and a very long run as a top 3 to 4 contender every year.  It's not broke, so I'm confused as to what the hell everyone is trying to fix.  This is so weird!

I think you are exactly correct.    Why in the world would we assume otherwise?   If time and performance proves the contrary, so be it --- but till then, why not assume that Kyrie and Gordon are watching this thinking "I can't wait to be a part of it". 

They see GSW and they see how a team with multiple excellent parts can all be involved and all share in the glory.  How much better a life will it be to be one of 7 high-level players operating as a finely-tuned winning machine than to be a singular or dual force on a mediocre team.   They could be ego-maniacal fools -- but I doubt it -- I think they are smart, well-compensated, team players who are champing at the bit to be championship contenders on a well-balanced, well-coached, intensely driven team of ballers.

I think/hope so. I still think if you're Kyrie Irving, you might be looking to show out and you really shine playing iso ball. It will be interesting to see how the team tries to play together.

The other question I keep having is whether the Cs will send out a PG for a young big - the future Al. My main worry about this team's future is that Al could go down with an injury or decline faster than we'd like. If a wing or guard goes down there is talent ready to step up. But replacing Al with Theis or Baynes is a huge falloff - and we may not be able to afford Baynes next year without going into the luxury tax, so it could be a lesser player still. We have to get by Philly or Milwaukee. We *need* quality big(s).
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Re: Danny has built a contender
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yeah, im not really sure Terry vs. Kyrie is even an argument. Terry Rozier is probably a starter on a playoff team...but hes streaky and really hasnt come through on the road like he has at home.

Kyrie irving on the other hand is a superstar. Do people forget we were winning with Kyrie Irving? and he was a big reason we have homecourt advantage?

If you are looking to beat GSW you need MORE stars, not less....

Re: Danny has built a contender
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lol.....we need more stars not can never have too much talent as long as they are willing to share the ball. See GSW.



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