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Re: Bucks (0-1) at Celtics (1-0) Game 2 4/17/18
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Eric Bledsoe dissed Terry Rozier on his interview:

"Terry Rozier hasn't committed a turnover in 78 minutes. How personally do you take that matchup?"
"Terry Rozier."
"I don't know who the f--- that is."

Didn't know Eric Bledsoe still exists in the NBA I thought he's washed up  ;D ;D ;D

lol, nice try Bledsoe.  talking crap after playing terrible for the first two games and down 0-2.  I am not sure if I have ever heard someone be that stupid before?

How about when the Pistons said Larry Bird would be just another player if he were black? Remember that?

I have to admit, those 80's battles with Philly, Detroit, Bucks, lakers were fun times.  It just made it more fun to hate Detroit and Laimbeer and that crew.   No handshakes between teams after those games.  Bird/McHale/Chief/ Danny flat out hated the Pistons.

That was some tough, tough basketball.

The Pistons, Lakers, and 76ers (read: Moses) played basketball? ;) ;D
I would think the 83 Sixers, the 85 Lakers and the 89 Pistons would demolish any team in the NBA today.

I was just speaking to dem thugs, lol, like Laimbeer, Mahorn, Rodman, and Zeke (to an extent); Moses was like the Lebron of centers in that he just flat out ran through dudes, and as for the Lakers, well, Rambis, Kupchak, Cooper, and even McAdoo, in 85, might as well have been playing football, imo. They elbowed Bird in the head two or three times in Game 2 in 1985 with no fouls being called ::). Give me a break.

That said, I'd love to watch Rodman go up against Durant and Draymond. The Worm would get in Green's head and take the latter just completely out of the game, imo.
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