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Great McHale story
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:58:52 PM »

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Four times in a five-year stretch, the Celts and Bucks renewed postseason acquaintances. There was the C’s getting swept in 1983 to signal the end of the Bill Fitch reign, a 4-1 win by the Shamrocks in 1984, a sweep by them in ’86 and then in ’87 perhaps the most memorable of the decade’s meetings — for a number of reasons.

As with this year, the Celtics headed into Milwaukee with a 2-0 lead. That series would eventually become a seven-game sweat, with the C’s advancing to beat Detroit in the conference finals in seven and fall to the Lakers in six.

But it’s what happened in Game 3 at the old MECCA that truly reverberates from the series. It was a Friday night, and the Bucks were making a stand after losing by 13 and 2 in Boston. Kevin McHale had fouled out in overtime and was sitting on the bench. Then he wasn’t sitting on the bench. We’ll let McHale take it from there …

“There was this guy behind our bench,” he said. “You know, back then they didn’t have a whole bunch of security. So I fouled out and we’re going to lose the game. That was pretty evident, and I’m in a bad mood.”

It should be noted that McHale had been playing on a broken foot since March.

“Yeah, I was in a bad mood a lot,” he said.

“Anyway, the guy leans over and just starts yapping. He’s like right here. And there’s no security guy on the bench. I just jumped up and turned around and grabbed him by the tie and the shirt and I dragged him down to the floor.

“I was going to hit him, and then his eyes were like this big (very wide), and I was like, ‘Oh, what am I doing? This is going to be bad.’ And about the time I thought I wasn’t going to hit him, Greg Kite knee-dropped him like it was big-time wrestling. Jerry Sichting hammer-drops him like WWF.

“The cops come, and they think the guy like attacked the bench, so they’re beating the hell out of him. Other than grabbing him and starting it, I didn’t do anything else, but by the end the guy looked like he’d been in a brawl. His shirt was ripped. I was like a gigantic mess.

“That was back before they had cameras everywhere, and the league ended up fining me for it. I don’t even remember how much. I can’t remember what they fined me, but Red (Auerbach) covered it. Red goes, ‘Ah, the guy had it coming. We’ll take care of that fine.’ Which you couldn’t do. You weren’t supposed to do that.

“I remember David Stern called up and asked what happened, and I said, ‘I don’t remember.’ David and all their security guys were all mad. I’m like, ‘You know what? I don’t quite remember. The guy must have attacked us or something.’ It was pretty funny.”

By the way, the fine was a whole $3,000, and McHale wasn’t suspended. He had 34 points in Game 4.

Re: Great McHale story
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I love it.  I can't quit laughing - thank you!!!

Re: Great McHale story
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Re: Great McHale story
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times have changed  omg  :)

Re: Great McHale story
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Re: Great McHale story
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Love McHale. He even makes that TNT players only watchable
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Re: Great McHale story
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McHale is the best!

Re: Great McHale story
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