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he is an odd player to project.    not sure he can even run full speed on the court without bulldozing  thru guys.  he also runs on his toes or something weird.   i think he can shoot eventually.  probably should go low carb.   

Re: Guershon Yabusele
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God bless Tomasz Kordylewski.

Obviously a highlight package is just that but I think there is real NBA talent there. Yes, sometimes Yabu looks like a kid that lost his parents at the mall but he's a rookie, JR Smith still looks like that and he's 32.

If Yabu can adjust to the speed of the game, mentally, his quickness and soft hands coupled with his strength and length will make him, at the least, a valuable rotation player in the NBA. The mental stuff will be his hurdle.
Did we really need to see a 5 1/2 min video of Yabusele shooting threes? I mean, this is by far his best skill, and he only made 32% on three pointers last season.

Let's face it, 6'7 PFs that move as if they're 7'7 and play as if they're 5'7 are not really destined for great NBA careers.

That's true. That's also a grossly inaccurate description of Yabusele.
Of course it is. What do you expect from CB when a rookie doesnít perform up to their weird unrealistic standards?
Abdel Nader
James Young
R.J. Hunter
Jordan Mickey
Kadeem Allen
Demetrius Jackson
Phil Pressey
JaJuan Johnson
Fab Melo
Luke Harangody
Lester Hudson
JR Giddens
Henry Walker
Gabe Pruitt

Cs fans have reason for not believing every player the Celtics draft aren't that good. Yabusele showed as much in his rookie season as most if not all of these guys.

Draft slot isnít everything, but Yabu was drafted higher than all these guys, way higher than all but Young really. He was also a teenager at the time, not a college junior or older like half these guys. Comparing him to Lester Hudson just doesnít really make sense.
Considering he showed me as much in his first year as any of those guys, it sure seems like a fair comparison to me.

All of whom looked better than rookie Avery Bradley.

Dood ;D, AB's was a completely different case.
yeah, more like rozier's.....wait a minute.

I respectfully disagree.

Re: Guershon Yabusele
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Guerschon Yabusele was at the Celtics' practice facility today with his left hand wrapped.


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