Author Topic: Bulls (27-51) at Celtics (53-25) Game #79 4/6/18  (Read 4286 times)

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Re: Bulls (27-51) at Celtics (53-25) Game #79 4/6/18
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Anyone still wondering whether Markkanen is as good as Brown or Tatum? Asking for a friend.

Hard to say since he plays a much different position. He is going to be s good scorer, for sure.
Right, but I think it's obvious the overall talent level is at least comparable. I don't think this should be a particularly controversial point. I mean, the kid is scoring 20 a game while being on a 24 mpg restriction.

He's definitely very talented, but that's a garbage stat over 4 games on a tanking team at the end of the year. For the season, he's been a small tick below Tatum and Brown offensively and significantly worse defensively.

Comparable sure, he could be a future All-Star. But "as good" right now is no gimme.
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