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Re: Will the Pels accept this package for Davis?
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I read the SI article that (I think) spawned this idea and it was entertaining at least.

Here is where it falls short:

Ball, Ingram and Kuzma (and Hart?) are not better assets than the picks/players the C's have. They just aren't.

Would you rather have Ingram or the LaKings pick? Ball or Tatum? Kuzma or the Memphis pick? Most of these are close in asset value, but to a rebuilding team, or a new front office, the allure of making picks and longer term team control is high.

Additionally, this whole idea is predicated on George and James coming, far from a forgone conclusion.

Lots of teams could put together packages around young talented players and high draft picks. The only team that has those assets in addition to talented veterans and a winning team right now is Boston. We are a team that, without any FA what-ifs, can offer the Pelicans one or two very attractive wing prospects, a likely top-5 pick in 2019, and likely lottery pick in 19/20/21 via Memphis. The Lakers can't offer this years pick, and any of their picks in subsequent year would be compromised value-wise by having Davis and two other max free agents.

It really doesn't make any sense unless you think Demps just does this to save his job and try to sell tickets to the Ball family circus.

My genuine reaction is that lots of other teams, aside from the Celtics, can make compelling offers to the Pelicans for Davis. The problem is that they won't, because only teams that can offer premium assets and still have a team Davis wants to play for will be offering anything at all. We're on the very short list of teams that can do that. Depending on FA, the Lakers might be too. I just think even if everything breaks right for LA we still have a better offer.

The only thing I can see really competing with our offer to NOLA is if some team with a younger unicorn wants to bet on Davis. It obviously won't happen but something like:

They get off of Holiday's contract for slightly shorter deals (and worse players), get KAT under team control for 2 years, and kick off a rebuild around him. Minnesota gets the better player, upgrades their PG and moves in to actual contention, along with luxury tax for breakfast lunch and dinner.

It would be very Knicksy to move their own pick, KP and probably a future pick for Davis. Go Dolan go!
Okay, you take kuzma over the Memphis pick all day long.  Also take Ingram over the Kings pick.  Of course, you lined them up wrong.  Iíd take Tatum over Ingram and the Memphis pick versus ball is maybe a push. 

Re: Will the Pels accept this package for Davis?
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You will need much more outgoing salary on the Lakers end for the trade to work, but who would that be? They will have to renounce Randle and stretch Deng in order to get cap space for 2 max slots.  The rest of the roster will be made of low/minimum guys and they would need at least 5 mil more in salary along with Ball, Ingram, and Kuzma in order for a trade to work for Davis.

I just donít see how the Lakers could pull this off.
AD will only be making 25.4M and Ball, Ingram and Kuzma will be making 14.9M combined.  It wouldn't be that hard to make up the difference to salary match.

Yes it would.  Beyond those 3 Laker players and potentially George and LeBron you would have mostly low/minimum salary players so where is the additional salary coming from?
They don't have to stretch Deng if they use his salary and trade for Davis before signing any free agents.  Say they trade Deng, Ball, Ingram, and Kuzma for Davis (I believe that works using next year's salary figures, but if not a minimum Pelican player could be sent back).  Davis, plus the empty cap holds, and the other near minimum contracts they have (like Zubac) put their salary at around 37 million.  James' contract value will be around 35-36 and George will be around 30-31.  So you add those 3 groups together and they are under the cap.  It would mean New Orleans would have to take on Deng, but it is certainly doable.

Re: Will the Pels accept this package for Davis?
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I think if he actually becomes available, they could get more.

Ball is gonna be what he is, a poor scoring PG with very good passing and decent defense. His potential is a poor mans Kidd. I donít think he can become what Kidd became at the stripe or beyond the arc, his shot is that bad.

Ingram should be able to score effectively, but heís so weak. Even if they trust his individual D, I donít like his team defense. Scorers are common in this league.

The hype on Kuzma has died down, finally. Decent bench guy potentially I guess but way more role player than impact player.

If they are gonna shop the best big in the game, you think THAT package is the best offer they will get?

Re: Will the Pels accept this package for Davis?
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A few things to consider:

-That's selling extremely low on Ball.  Too low.

-GM's perceive the value of players differently.  For example, the Kings considered Hield to be "the next Curry" in the Boogie trade.

-LeBron to LA doesn't seem to be a foregone conclusion.  Even with PG, that's still a very young, suspect contender (esp out West).  Also consider that GSW brings back their entire core next year, including Livingston and Iggy. 
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Re: Will the Pels accept this package for Davis?
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Unless the Pels were under duress and had to find a trade for Davis, they wouldn't do this one. Davis is a franchise player, but the Lakers' offer would be a group of players to whom I wouldn't deem to have anything but fringe all-star potential.
This is all about money laundering.