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Re: More Baynes Minutes = Wins!!!
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The reality is that our best lineups have Baynes in them.  I have to believe Stevens knows this, and as much as I hate his small lineups, understand that Baynes needs to be healthy and rested for the playoffs. 

There is no reason to play in 30 mins a night.

Even if that was the case, he still can start Baynes and he is still playing Morris with the starters which is awful at every point this season.  Theis would be better.  The rotations have been bad and Stevens deserves criticism.

Oh do not get me wrong, if he is not using Baynes simply because he wants to go small, then he deserves every ounce of criticism there is.  I just think Baynes has a limit on mins until we get to the playoffs.

Re: More Baynes Minutes = Wins!!!
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Guys, I just pointed out a crazy stat and made this post as a bit of a joke.

I never explicitly advocated we actually start playing Baynes 30+ minutes a game now  :laugh:

I agree Baynes has been regressing lately and hope he finds his groove again after the ASB.
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