How many wins for the Celtics by the end of this regular season?

2 (3.2%)
2 (3.2%)
4 (6.3%)
3 (4.8%)
30 (47.6%)
11 (17.5%)
4 (6.3%)
4 (6.3%)
Less Than 49
3 (4.8%)

Total Members Voted: 63

Author Topic: Poll: How Many Wins Do You Predict The Celtics Finish The Season With?  (Read 2696 times)

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Re: Poll: How Many Wins Do You Predict The Celtics Finish The Season With?
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Well, the way they are playing, reaching 53 wins (last year's total) might not be a given  :(

I think we need context. Let's consider that many thought this team was going to come back to earth before signing Hayward. A win total in the high 40's seemed reasonable.

Then Hayward. Then Kyrie. Minus Hayward. Trade out veterans and add in inexperienced players......

If the Celtics finish in the low-mid 50's, this regular season is a success. Especially since our young players are going to develop as if they were on a bad team, considering the minutes they are getting.
Just the way I look at it. Never thought we wrre a Finals team without Hayward and am glad this team is developing their youth. Brown, Tatum, Rozier, Theis and Ojeleye have had a bunch of PT to develop and had great results. I think we can get to 55-56 wins and think the ECFs are still very much in reach. But I never thought they would be a Finals team, nevermind contend in the Finals.


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