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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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Been trying to wheel and deal 😀. Did make one move and looking to make another
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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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Online saltlover

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Since it's over, I thought people might like to use this thread to talk about how they feel they did (since the Commish would like to keep the other thread clean).  I'll start, with an essay about my time with the Pelicans.


Coming into the situation, I had a healthy DeMarcus but a terrible cap situation.  When I took over, if the Pels let all their free agents walk, kept Cousins at the max, their 1st round pick, and filled in the rest of the roster with four minimum salary players next year, they would have a payroll of about $133 million, or $11-12 million over the tax line.  That was unsustainable, and even stretching Asik and sending a 2nd for someone to take on Ajincaís salary would still have left the team above the tax.  So I knew I needed to make significant changes.   I briefly inquired with teams about Cousins, and the market was soft because of his free agent status and a belief LA would make a strong push for him.

Then he got hurt, and it was clear to me what the solution was Ė I had to trade Cousins.  And although the return was criticized, I really liked what I got.  Clarkson is overpaid, but the Pels were playing Jameer Nelson and Ian Clark a combined 30 minutes a game in January, and Clarkson could take all of those minutes at better production.  Given that next year those roster spots would still be filled by minimum salary players at similar production as Clark and Nelson, Clarksonís inflated salary is still a decent spend, because he is better than the alternative.  I love Nance Ė he can play the 4 or 5, and really gets after it on the defensive end.  Heís also cheap and will be pretty easy to keep around either via extension or restricted free agency.

The Pels also have no wings, currently.  Theyíve been starting 2-3 PGs a game (Holiday, Moore, and Rondo).  My goal was to help get some cheap 3&D players, and I really like Josh Hart as someone whoís immediately able to help with that role 15-20 minutes a night.  Finally, when you look at a real-life trade that was made, the Cavs sent the Lakers an injured star looking for a big payday this summer and received Nance and Clarkson.  But instead of also receiving Hart, the Cavs instead sent back a first-round pick, so I feel I came out ahead of the real world.

The Cousins trade also gave me a sizable trade exception, which I used to further increase depth by getting Ilyasova, and also acquired a minor pick.  Between that 2nd, another 2nd acquired in this process, and a 1st, I was able to turn Omer Asik into Nikola Vucevic.  This gave the Pels the center they need to start next to Davis, especially given Davisí stated reluctance to play the majority of his minutes at the 5.  While certainly not as good as Cousins, he offers a strong inside game both offensively and defensively, and has added some 3-point range as well, thus keeping the Pels offense from being too packed into the paint.

Finally, I was able to acquire some more youth.  Giving up the 1st for Vucevic was difficult, and not something I was initially willing to do, but acquiring Josh Hart made that somewhat more palatable.  I also got Damyean Dotson, a 3&D wing prospect, Jabari Bird, another 3&D wing, and Dakari Johnson as a younger big.  I also gained a late 2nd this season, which was desirable, as the real Pels had already traded away this yearís 2nd in a salary dump move.  While not high-end prospects, Dotson, Bird, and Johnson all have a chance to move into a rotation in the next 1-2 seasons, which is important given the salary situation described above, and the dearth of young players on the roster.

All told, I think I improved the team this year and next year.  When I took over, the Pels rotation looked like this:

Guards: Holiday, Moore, Rondo, Nelson, Clark
Wing(s): Miller, Liggins (10-day contract Ė the Pels signed him to a rest of season earlier this week, but my Pels will not)
Bigs: Davis, Cunningham, Asik (although he was largely unplayable)
Infimary: Cousins, Hill (due back after ASB), Ajinca, Allen
Prospects: Jackson, Diallo

So the Pels had an 8-9 man rotation, two of which the real Pels salary-dumped in the last 10 days (Nelson and Cunningham)

My Pels look like this:
Guards: Holiday, Moore, Rondo, Clarkson
Wings: Miller, Hart
Bigs: Davis, Nance, Ilyasova,
Infirmary: Vucevic, Hill (both due back after ASB), Ajinca
Prospects: Jackson, Dotson, Johnson, Bird

This upgraded all parts of the rotation.  Furthermore, 13 of these players are under contract next season for $114 million, which means the Pels will be able to use most or all of the full MLE and still stay under the tax.  This yearís roster is now a shade under $117 million (it was at $119 million when I started), which means it is also possible to use the almost $2.5 million DPE they have for Ajinca and stay under the luxury tax if they are able to convince a bought out player to come (Johnson would be released).

Unlike the real Pels, whoíve quickly fallen from the 6th to the 9th position in the West after Boogie went down, my Pels should be able to make the playoffs this season, thanks to the quick arrival of Nance, Clarkson, Hart, and Ilyasova, as well as the eventual arrival of Vucevic.  Next seasonís team should also be a playoff team.  And while the playoffs might seem like a modest goal, being able to make it, especially with a chance to advance if they finish 6th or better, is very important for the long-term success of the franchise.  Anthony Davis almost certainly will be eligible for the supermax in the summer of 2019, and we feel two consecutive trips to the playoffs, especially if the team advances at least once, will be important in convincing him to stay long-term.  If he does, weíd hope to keep Vucevic and Nance, while using draft assets and Clarkson and Hillís expiring contracts to trade for another star player.  If he doesnít, that would be the time to trade him and start a full rebuild.  (That said, we did receive a very tempting offer from Philly early in this process that we had in the back of our mind the entire deadline, and if we had not been able to acquire Vucevic might have pursued in earnest)

All in all, I was handed a lot of lemons early on, and am really happy where I ended up.  I met virtually all of my goals Ė I did have to concede trading a first-round pick, but it is reasonably protected and Vucevic seems like a player worth using it on.  Thanks to all who participated.
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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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Reporter: Hello General Manager of the Phoenix Suns, can you tell us about the reasons for making the recent big trades?
Phoenix GM: You can call me by my name.
Reporter: Whatís your name then?
Phoenix GM: Thatís your job to know, isnít it?
Reporter: Iím sorry, I just want to inform the public about the trade.
Phoenix GM: We made several trades, which one are you referring to?
Reporter: Well, most NBA followers were really surprised that the Suns gave up their first round pick for Jabari Parker, who has just come back from a major injury.
Phoenix GM: So, whatís your question?
Reporter: Well, why did the Suns trade this potentially very high draft pick with minor protections?
Phoenix GM: To acquire Jabari Parker.
Reporter: Yes, we understand! But why were you willing to give up such a valuable asset?
Phoenix GM: We think Parker can become an All Star.
Reporter: But he has had an ACL-surgery, thereís a risk he might not get back fully recovered. 
Phoenix GM: There is risk, yes.
Reporter: But are you not concerned that this trade might backfire with an upcoming draft thatís said to be loaded with great talent?
Phoenix GM: Who said that?
Reporter: Many draft experts.
Phoenix GM: Who are these draft experts?
Reporter: Many sites like ESPN have reported it.
Phoenix GM: And they are always correct?
Reporter: Itís the general view, sir.
Phoenix GM: We might have a different view. Any more questions?
Reporter: Pff. All right, the Suns also brought in DeAndre Jordan. What do you expect from him?
Phoenix GM: To play well.
Reporter: Could you be more specific?
Phoenix GM: We know that DeAndre is a great rebounder and rim protector. So draw your own conclusion what we expect from him.
Reporter: And the Suns brought in two point guards. With Darren Collison coming over from Indiana and Patrick Beverley from LA.
Phoenix GM: We know.
Reporter: Please let me finish my question.
Phoenix GM: Go ahead.
Reporter: They both are under contract for only one more year. Was it worth it to trade valuable young players like Bender and Chriss for them?
Phoenix GM: Would we have made these trades if we thought it didnít?
Reporter: But Dragan Bender has shown signs of improvement.
Phoenix GM: Thatís good for Indiana then.


Reporter: What are the goals for the Suns to accomplish this season?   
Phoenix GM: To become better.
Reporter: And next season?
Phoenix GM: A lot better.
Reporter: Do you think this team could reach the playoffs next year?
Phoenix GM: Yes.
Reporter: Even if the Suns make the playoffs next year, a lot of contracts expire in 2019. The veterans who have been traded for might walk in free agency. Are you concerned about that?
Phoenix GM: Not really.
Reporter: Why not?
Phoenix GM: Our young core stays intact. Weíll have cap space. We have options then.
Reporter: But it always has been difficult to draw free agents to come play in Phoenix.
Phoenix GM: We change that.
Reporter: How?
Phoenix GM: By becoming a better team.
Reporter: Is it certain that this new roster will be better than it was?
Phoenix GM: Quite certain.
Reporter: But the Suns lost a couple of talents and draft picks with high potential. In the long run the ceiling of the team might be lowered.
Phoenix GM: Thatís your opinion.


Reporter: To come back at the case of Parker. Heís a restricted free agent, he may demand a lot of money for his new contract.
Phoenix GM: Yes.
Reporter: There have been rumors that he wants a max contract. Has he shown enough to justify that?
Phoenix GM: I respond to Jabari himself and to his agent. Not to rumors.
Reporter: But the Suns could offer him a maximum contract?
Phoenix GM: Maybe.
Reporter: How about DeAndre Jordan?
Phoenix GM: What about him?
Reporter: He could waive his player option and enter the free agent market. To resign him could be costly or he might join another franchise.
Phoenix GM: Are there many franchises with cap space to give max contracts?
Reporter: No, but some.
Phoenix GM: We are confident that DeAndre will like the path we are going. 
Reporter: Iím sorry, but you seem to be unwilling to answer my questions. Is there a problem? 
Phoenix GM: Thereís no problem.
Reporter: So you are willing to answer my questions?
Phoenix GM: I answered your questions.

Phoenix GM leaves abruptly
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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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The Brooklyn Nets simply wanted to try to accrue young talent. We received draft picks to take on Carroll last year, and now we sent him out in a trade to get a 3D prospect and a young, productive, athletic big. In that trade, we had to take on Parsons, but I expect he will either really enjoy the nightlife in Brooklyn or he will be bought out. Although there is a chance that he could be an important rotation player in our system (his skills would fit us really well), we aren't too hopeful that he can ... you know ... actually play consistent minutes.

We also sold high on Dinwiddie (and let go of Stauskas and Okafor's expirings), who has always been more productive the more he is able to touch the ball. Receiving back Wilson and a 2nd was valuable for us. Wilson has a lot of potential to be a great 4 in our system.

In the meantime, our starting lineup is likely Russell-Crabbe-Lavert-Parsons-Allen, with Snell-RHJ-Harris-Mozgov-Brooks-Davis-Wilson off the bench. We are long, switchy, skilled ball players who can shoot the ball. We aren't gonna win any championships soon, but I do think we replenished young talent on the roster.

If one or two guys looks like legit playoff caliber starters, we could possibly trade the big contracts (Parsons, Snell, or Crabbe) with young prospects (Brooks, Davis, Wilson, RHJ) to acquire an all-star player who is discontent on their team.

If I were the Nets GM in the off-season, I'd be calling the Blazers about Lillard or McCullom. I'd also be monitoring the Wall-Beal situation in Washington and the Kemba Walker situation in Charlotte. I would not offer too much for them, but a starting quality wing with a couple young prospects might get conversations started.

If nothing materializes, I try to sign hard-working vets in the off-season, draft well at 27 and 48, and continue to develop internally, hoping that Lavert or Russell makes a leap and Davis, Brooks, or Wilson shows to be a starting caliber player.

Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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The Utah Jazz hit the reset button in our mock trade deadline (although after their real life success in recent weeks, I'm thinking I made a mistake).

I wanted to be aggressive with our expiring contracts and young players.

The trade with the Wizards was about getting a legit all-star guard to pair with our future all-star (Mitchell). I'm a big believer in doubling down on strengths (Curry/Thompson, Duncan/Robinson, Wade/Lebron, etc.), instead of worrying about weaknesses. That's why we traded Gobert for Beal. Beal and Mitchell are both high level athletes, defenders, and shooters, with blossoming abilities to drive to the basket.

After that trade was completed, we set out to fill out the roster with shooters and defenders to support Beal and Mitchell. The Minnesota trade was about locking up a long-term big who we think is miscast in Minnesota (Dieng). We also think that Patton is one of only a handful of players from last year's draft that have all-star potential -- getting him as a throw-in and a long-term prospect was exciting.

The Hornets trade was about getting high level two-way players next to Mitchell and Wall. Williams is one of the best stretch 4s in the game and is a highly versatile defender. Zeller os one of the best role players in the NBA with potential to add an outside shot.

Finally, the Magic trade was about acquiring Mack as a backup point guard and Simmons as a great bench two-way player. To give up an expiring and a 2nd to get those players was a steal. This trade also allowed us to stay under the luxury tax this year.

We figure our starting lineup will be Mitchell-Beal-Ingles-Williams-Dieng, with Zeller-Simmons-Mack-Exum-Mahinmi off the bench.

We also explored adding a high-level 4 at the trade deadline, but all possibilities fell apart as we got closer to the deadline. If I were the Jazz GM, I'd keep an eye on Aaron Gordon for the Magic, Kevin Love for the Cavs, and Dario Saric for the Sixers. The goal would be to get an upgrade at Ingles spot -- someone who can facilitate offense, shoot, and play defense. Patton might be that one day, and we think both Dieng and Zeller have some upside left, but ideally we could find a different piece.

Also, I'd resign Exum to about a mid-level deal this off-season. We also may need to stretch Mahinmi to avoid further tax complications. I'd be looking at Miles Bridges with our 11 pick.

Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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 Blazers wanted to get under the luxary tax and improve. We believe Fouriner is a good upgrade over Turner and he is under contract for same time as our other core players. We also did get under the tax by a few million giving us flexibility to sign a buy out player and still be under.

I can't ask for much more given the market. I felt I did well.
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The Knicks felt that a Randle-Porzingis duo would be really dynamic and deadly, and would help the team win going forward (not just this season, but for years to come). We are high on Randle, and that's why we traded what we did to acquire him, with the belief that we can re-sign him this summer.

Unfortunately, we felt Noah was holding us back and the fit just simply wasn't there anymore, and after the altercation he had with our coach, we felt we needed to do what's best for the team, and thus had to make some sacrifices. It certainly was a signing we regretted now and we had to make a "not-so-popular" deal trading away picks as well, but we do wish Noah the best going forward and are saddened it didn't work out at the end. That said, we are happy to have acquired Shroder and feel he can help the team out as well going forward. He's young (age 24), gritty, and while he can be a tad inconsistent, he has a ton of room to grow and we are excited to work with him. We also think both him and Ntilikina can grow and become better players by working and playing together, and learning along the way.

We had tremendous respect for O'Quinn and Lee, and they have done a lot for us, but with O'Quinn's expiring contract and hoping to save some money going forward, we decided to trade them for future assets, while also giving them a chance to deservedly contend for a title with OKC. We felt it was a great deal for both sides given the circumstances, but are also excited to have acquired some young pieces and future picks which could help the team.

Our goal going into the offseason was to get better and acquire future assets, but instead of simply going into an all-out rebuild, we made some deals that may be considered "interesting" to many GMs/fans, but overall we felt the team improved for the long haul especially with the additions of Shroder and Randle, and although it wasn't our best trade, we felt the Noah trade had to be done for the best of the team, and to improve the chemistry and dynamics of the locker room based on what had been going on between Noah and the coaches recently.

We ultimately wanted to build around Porzingis, an elite talent who has expressed his desire to go out there wearing his Knicks uniform proudly and win games, and to put adequate talent around him going forward, and we feel like we did a great job of that. We might not be there yet, but we hope to be in the coming years. We certainly have a ton of work left to do, but we are content with all that we did in the trade deadline, and are excited to work with the players we acquired! We also wish the best of luck to those that are now elsewhere!

(NOTE: I made these deals BEFORE Porzingis tore his ACL, so just assume he hasn't gotten injured yet, pretty please! Thanks)
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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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The Mock Lakers, much like their real life counterparts, were very active come deadline time. There was an obvious goal in mind; clear cap space for the summer, all the while retaining the young core.

Moving the first round picks to offload Deng was potentially the riskiest move I made, but considering that they don't convey until 2020, and have decent protections on them, I wasn't too worried. Another aspect to consider is the ever-growing likelihood that the Lakers pick up at least one big name free agent, while retaining DeMarcus Cousins. 2 All-Star calibre players surrounded by the likes of Kuzma, Ingram and Ball is definitely no lotto team.

Trading for DMC was another risk taken - however, without taking risks, you don't win. We believe that DeMarcus will come back and still be a 24/12 center, arguably the most dominant in the game. Couple that with his continually expanding range and the potential partnership with a star wing, we believe he will be able to flourish in LA.

Moving Randle was tough, as he had always done right by the franchise and never let anything bother him. However, he was poised for Restricted Free Agency, and we couldn't afford to pay him what he likely deserves. We are very high on Hernangomez, who we view as a strong backup big for years to come, and McDermott is a very proficient 3 point shooter.

Bringing in a significant amount of role players, such as Isaiah Taylor, Tony Allen, Luke Babbit, in addition to the two likely high 2nd round picks (Chicago and Atlanta's), we believe we have the ability to shore up our bench nicely, with guys like Kurucs, Bruce Brown and local player Aaron Holiday all projected to be in that range.

All in all, we in LA believe the Lakers are set up for both short and long term success.
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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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The Wizards locker room problems are very well documented nation wide. Beal and Wall don't get along. Gortat and everyone else don't get along. Gortat doesn't even really wish to be in Washington, etc. etc.

As a result of this toxic environment, we in D.C. decided to blow it up, and rebuild on the fly around Wall.

Beal's value is at an all-time high, after being named to the All-Star team for the first time in his career. We used this opportunity to sell high, as we believe he has reached his peak, as his efficiency has declined while his usage has gone up. So we exchanged Beal and Mahinmi's big contract for Gobert and Burks. Gobert was an All-NBA player last year, as well as the blocks leader and an All-Defensive team player. We firmly believe that he is the best defensive big in the NBA, and he is still just 25. Playing next to one of the best playmakers in the league in Wall will make Gobert a dynamic offensive weapon.

We also shipped out Gortat and our 2019 first, in order to shore up our bench with a deadly shooter in Belinelli and one of the best role playing big men in the league in Dedmon. We aren't too worried about the pick, as Washington plan to contend for the Eastern championship next season.

Moving Porter was hard, but we believe that the previous administration made a mistake with the contract he was given (yeah, they had to match, we know). So we moved him for an All-Star guard in Goran Dragic, who can play at either guard position, and Tyler Johnson, one of the best all round bench guards in the league.

Bringing in Nelson and Burks really solidified the depth that we were so drastically lacking, and we now have an 11 man rotation of:
Wall / Nelson
Dragic / Johnson / Belinelli
Oubre / Burks
Morris / Scott
Gobert / Dedmon

We believe that is an incredibly solid team all around, and very strong.
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Re: Mock Trade Deadline Discussion and Comments
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The Minnesota Timberwolves came into the deadline knowing we had the talent and value to become a championship level team, but didnít have the right fit and would be running low on cap space to fix the problems. My goal was to create a better fit around Butler and KAT, improve our bench, create future cap space by getting rid of big deals and acquiring expiring contracts, and bring in another star player and/or the assets to get one.

We started off by making a deal with the Jazz that hit on all cylinders for us. We were able to shed Gorgui Diengís 4 year, 62 million dollar deal, and replace him with a better player in Derrick Favors, who is an expiring contract. We picked up Jonas Jerebko, a solid rotation player to solidify our bench, and to top it off, we were able to acquire Rodney Hood (along with his bird rights) who will come straight in and compete for a starting job (similar to the cavs in real life) and will have the potential to become a long term building block. Even if we decide to go in a different direction, we can use his bird rights as an asset in a sign and trade next year. We had to give up Justin Patton, who does have long term potential, but has not played a single minute this year and has been dealing with foot injuries. This deal helped us accomplish adding pieces to our bench and creating cap space for next year.

Our final deal was a blockbuster with Charlotte. This was to not only address our past teamís fit issues with Butler/KAT, but to add another star to our core. We felt like Andrew Wiggins is a good, not great scorer, but needs the ball to be most effective. With Butler and Towns demanding touches, not to mention the point guard Tegaue, we felt like Wiggins was in the wrong role off the ball. Coach Thibs also wanted to improve the intensity and effort on defense.

So to solve this problem, we traded Wiggins to Charlotte, and were able to rid ourselves of Jeff Teagueís 3 year, 57 million dollar deal, and Shabazz Muhammad, who had demanded a trade. The prize of the deal was obviously Kemba Walker, who fits perfectly as a 3rd star next to Butler and Towns, and can play on and off the ball while giving us solid on ball defense. We also acquired a potentially very valuable first round pick. It is Charlotte 2018 lottery protected first, that decreases itís protections until it is unprotected in 2022. Since Charlotte is in clear rebuilding mode, that pick probably wonít convey for a few years, but if Charlotte remains out of the playoff picture, we might be able to add a high pick to our already championship level roster in a few years. Although we do not like Nic Batumís contract, we felt like it was worth it taking him on since we were able to rid ourselves of 3 massive contracts already. We hope that he will thrive here due to the immense talent around him, and that he will return to previous seasonís form when he was an above average starter. Even if he is not able to, the addition of Rodney Hood should give us solid play at the wing spot next to Butler. We were also able to add Treveon Graham as wing depth, who will contribute more than Shabazz Muhammad did and not disrupt the locker room.

Overall I feel like I accomplished almost all of my goals. I think I turned the Wolves from a team that was trying to take the next step, to a team that is ready to compete for a championship and one move away from becoming dominant in the next couple years. I was thinking about making one last deal, and flipping one of my rotational bigs along with 2 firsts (OKC that is owed to Minnesota and CHA that I traded for) for a star big man next to Towns, but decided it would be smarter to wait and make a move during the offseason. Gibson has been a great fit next to Towns so far this year, and we can see where our draft picks land before we deal them. We also created cap space for next year so donít rule out a big free agent signing, or a trade during the offseason that included the 2 firsts.

As far as the rest of the season, we have created a team that is deep, led by 3 stars, and has multiple role players filling in around them. The depth chart is as follows -

Kemba Walker / Tyus Jones / Aaron Brooks
Jimmy Butler / Jamal Crawford / Treveon Graham
Nic Batum / Rodney Hood / Marcus Georges Hunt
Taj Gibson / Nemanja Bjelica / Jonas Jerebko
KAT / Derrick Favors / Cole Aldrich

This team can compete now, and we were able to add the assets to either improve by free agency, trade, or the draft. This team now has multiple avenues to become the next super team of the NBA, and we are excited to bring a championship to Minnesota in the coming years.
CB Mock Deadline - Minnesota Timberwolves
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Taj Gibson / Nemanja Bjelica / Jonas Jerebko
KAT / Derrick Favors / Cole Aldrich
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The Warriors stood pat at the deadline.  We explored trying to open a roster spot for a buyout while getting a late 2nd, and thought we even had a deal at one point, but either due to miscommunication or due to phone lines being down (the constant board issues this week), that deal did not transpire.

The biggest decision we made was in turning down an offer for Klay Thompson ó centered on Khris Middleton and Phoenixís 1st-round pick, in a package similar to what sent Kawhi Leonard to Milwaukee.  But we passed for two reasons. Firstly, while the Warriors are the favorites for another title, Houston is nipping at our heels, and while Middleton is a very good player, the otential downgrade from Klay could cost a title.  Secondly, while there could be some cost savings in the future when Middleton and Thompson both reach free agency in 2019, those savings could be erased if the trade angered Durant.  KD took a $10 million discount this year to make the team affordable,, but can opt out this summer.  If Durant became upset by the trade (very possible), we could find ourselves with a worse team that costs the same amount or more going forward.

The Warriors are the best team in the league, and the goal was to not crash the car.  Making no moves accomplished this goal.

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The biggest goal for the Orlando Magic at the trade deadline was to establish a path forward. After a hot start and dismal rest of the season, I felt there was a trade out there that could vault the team into playoff contention by next year or a trade that would focus our attention further into the future.

The former trade never materialized and I'm excited about the potential of the team going forward. We knew we had talent in Aaron Gordon (22) and Jonathan Isaac (20) and we'll have a great chance at a star in the top 5 of the draft this summer. That established a timeline for us, making players like Fournier (25) and Vucevic (27) movable. We were able to get (likely) mid-1st round picks for both along with other assets including young big man Caleb Swanigan who has some upside.

We were also able to move on from some of the win-now veteran signings that were made last summer that were not going to help us going forward (Simmons and Mack) and got a 2nd rounder and some financial flexibility for this summer.

All told, we brought in 2 first rounders, 3 second rounders and one prospect we believe has some upside as a modern NBA big. We'll also have flexibility this summer with the ability to open up more than $25 million in cap space. The other important move was to align our biggest contracts (Biyombo, Evan Turner, and Omer Asik, a combined $47 mil in 2020) to all expire the summer of 2020, giving us valuable trade assets in 2019/2020 or the ability to open max cap space in 2020 just as Gordon, Isaac, and our 2018 pick are coming into their own.

We now feel their is a clear path toward contention as we continue to develop the modern NBA talent we have on the roster now and ready ourselves for a busy summer with lots of flexibility.
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Atlanta Hawks GM here! (Iím sure more than a few of you are tired of seeing that)

We had a few goals for this Mock Trade Deadline, but before we outline those I wanted to thank DefenseWinsChampionships for running this, Saltlover for helping with the cap stuff, and the general managers that responded to messages. This was incredibly fun and I canít thank you all enough.

Our primary goals were as follows:

Acquire first round draft picks by offering to take on long term salary

Specifically target teams with high risk chances in their future plans

Ideally ship out players with perceived high value now ( Scrhoder & Bazemore )

Ship out Expiring contracts while the market  still holds value in those

Ideally bring back long term salary that could used in trade as expiring contracts in the future as soon as next year

Secondary goals:

Complete a three team trade

Tinker with the power at the top of the Eastern Conference to potentially disrupt the playoffs (level the top)

Be aggressive at reaching out (I thought folks might be shy about messaging)

Donít trade with Boston (we here on the board over-value our assets a bit and it would likely have been tough to come to terms, not that they really needed/wanted anything from Atlanta)

Ideally keep Collins and Prince (I have a soft spot for Tyler Dorsey so him too)

Tertiary goals:

Field every call ( Iím surprised how many folks immediately said there was nothing to talk about, there were likely a dozen missed opportunities from that alone )

Trade Kent Bazemore to Cleveland for Long term Salary, Cedi Osman, Ante Zizic, and their 2018 pick, and possibly removing protections on the other pick they owe us. This was supremely ambitious and I could have been talked down a great deal. Nothing materialized.

Trade with the Knicks and Lakers Ė I believe picks from those two clubs could be awesome or terrible, it all depends on how they execute their ultimate plans. They are high risk and the picks are more valuable for longer if that is the case (my opinion)

Acquire bargain bin young players that teams have given up on ( Stanley Johnson would have been ideal )


Overall Iíd say we accomplished about half of this. I was really wishing we could have maximized on any perceived value on Bazemore but I could not work anything out. We now have 5 first round picks this year and an additional 4 coming from this trade deadline alone on top of the picks we have already which include our own and a small handful of others. We'll be able to package up or take multiple swings in each draft for the next 3 or 4 years and that ignores the trade potential.

 I feel like the road back into meaningful basketball for Atlanta is going to rely on draft and trade, not on free agent signing, so the picks I collected will be the key.

Let me know what you think! Or if you have any questions. I'd also really like to hear what folks specific plans were for their teams, short and long term.

Thank you!

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In the wake of Cousins signing for 1 year with Golden State, with New Orleans seemingly electing not to pursue him, I stand by my highly controversial trade of Cousins for Nance, Hart, Clarkson, and a trade exception that became Ersan Ilyasova.

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In the wake of Cousins signing for 1 year with Golden State, with New Orleans seemingly electing not to pursue him, I stand by my highly controversial trade of Cousins for Nance, Hart, Clarkson, and a trade exception that became Ersan Ilyasova.

I stand my critique of it. :)

Honestly, it was a pretty good move. That team has more rotational players.