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Re: RIP JoJo White
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Jo Jo - one of my favorite all-time Celtics who was a star on my Beloved 70's Celtics.

Never forget him sitting at half-court, exhausted near the end of the Greatest Game, 1976.

Never forget his beautiful 15' bank shot at the end of another Celtic fast break.

Never forget his baseline jumper to beat Philly in Game 1, 1977 ECF 
Dave Cowens did a Kentucky Shin-Dig dance under the basket after the buzzer.

Never will forget Jo Jo White.

God Speed Jo Jo.
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Re: RIP JoJo White
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Grew up with a different Big 3..Hondo, Cowens and JoJo. One of my all time favorite Celtics and one of the top 5 people I ever had the pleasure to meet. What a great guy. He will be missed.

Re: RIP JoJo White
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Re: RIP JoJo White
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My earliest memories of the Celtics were during the 75 & 76 seasons. JoJo was so smooth. Great clutch player.  He would have done unbelievably well in the current era.  Amazing pull up jumper.



Re: RIP JoJo White
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As a teenager he really caught my eye when I was watching old game tape a couple of years ago, very underappreciated player and probably my pick for 🐐 Celtics PG not counting Cousy.

Re: RIP JoJo White
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I met him once at a game. He actually greeted me first asking me how I was.  It stuck with me because it's usually the fan who reaches out to the player, not the other way around (which is perfectly understandable). It struck me that he really enjoyed being an ambassador of the Celtics that appreciated the fans.  RIP

Re: RIP JoJo White
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My favorite Celtic of All Time.

Re: RIP JoJo White
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Saw the news the other night.   Immediately thought of my dad who was a big fan of the 70s Celtics.  A few years back, the organization held an event for STMs. They invited me to some event but I had already moved to Chicago so I let my dad go. I can't remember what the function was but Cowens, Satch, & JoJo were there and my dad was able to meet them & got a piece of the parquet signed by all 3 of them.  (Might have had a photo taken with them too.  Can't remember).  My dad was in absolute delight about meeting them.

I just remember going to a ton of games back in the early 2000s and JoJo being a staple at the Garden.  Especially during those playoff years of '02-'05.   Never met him but he was always smiling and waving when he was on the jumbotron.  Seemed like the nicest dude in the world. 

71 is too young.  Sad stuff.

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