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Re: Tatum vs Simmons
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I mean I am also a homer, but I think the rookies are: 1.) Simmons, 2.) Markkannen, 3.) Tatum, 4.) Kuzma, 5.) Dillon Brooks, 6.) Fox, 7.) Mike James

Tatum and Kuzma are neck and neck, but Tatum's efficiency is more valuable in my opinion.
Did u forget Mitchell?

Re: Tatum vs Simmons
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The year Paul Pierce was a rookie, Vince Carter won ROY.

Don't sweat ROY. Tatum will be collecting yet another Finals MVP while the Sixers are going through yet another implosion.

Simmons is a very good player. Tatum's team came back from 22 down to beat the Sixers handily.

Give Simmons his award. He's flashy, has some numbers, and the Sports press is behind him. I wouldn't trade Tatum for him, or anyone else playing today - not LeBron, not Zinger, not Fultz, certainly not Lonzo. Not even Anthony Davis....

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Who do you want at the foul line in a tight game or the 7th game of playoffs.
You need 3 point to tie with clock running down who do you want on the court.
Simmons is not a rookie-he has spent a year watching film,communicating to the bench and working the weight room
Teams win or lose championships at foul line
Teams defenses adjust and prey on weakness
He doesn't even know what hand he should use to shoot-
Next year with Jason only 19 and growth plates not fused he may wind up the same height and given some bulk he has a more polished game already.