Author Topic: Celtics (25-7) at Pacers (17-13) Game #33 12/18/17  (Read 22312 times)

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Re: Celtics (25-7) at Pacers (17-13) Game #33 12/18/17
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I can understand that we are losing game we should have one in every logic sense, I can accept that we had like 15 second-chance points less than Indiana, I accept Bayness' terrible game, I accept even that Kyrie had terrible shot selection in last 3 min, but I CAN'T STAND MARCUS SMART KEEPIN THE BALL EVERY SINGLE POSSESION WE HAVE!!! I just wonder is there someone who can mention it to Stevens??!!

 :( :( :(

Frankly, Smart not keeping the ball means you're decidedly playing 4 on 5. On the other hand... it might still be better.
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