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Re: Manafort asked to surrender to FBI
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Manafort's the headline, but the more meaningful story for the big picture may be that George Papadopoulus, a foreign policy advisor to Trump's campaign, pleaded guilty to charges related to, at minimum, attempting to collude with the Russian gov't to get emails from Hillary Clinton.

Plea documents here:

This plea and the statements in the doc that Papadopoulus has been giving info to the feds strongly suggests he's flipped and is aiding investigations against others to save himself.

Manafort himself is of course dirty as hell, particularly with Russia, and it was widely known - there were stories about this from the day he joined the campaign. Now the question is if he flips on anyone else too.
So this plea said Papadopolous "repeatedly sought to arrange ... a meeting between the Campaign and Russian government officials". Isn't that against US law?

There is a law that US citizen's can't meet with government officials from other countries? Yikes, bunch of people going to jail.  And this wasn't even someone for the Russian government, it was a Professor. 

I like that you throw in collude to get the emails back instead of, asking the Russians for US property to be returned to the American people. There was no colluding, they asked for the emails if Russia took them.   Colluding implies a working together.  Whatever Russia had, if they had them, they already stole.  If the FBI can't get those emails off Hillary's bleach bit hard drive, I'm pretty certain the Russians can't.

Partisanship is a helluva drug. Holy cow, the mental contortions it must take to believe this. Presumably he just lied to the FBI about it out of modesty?

The emails they're almost certainly talking about, BTW, are the ones from Podesta's account which were stolen just a couple of weeks before Papadopoulus and the campaign was notified. The ones Wikileaks eventually released hours after the Access Hollywood video broke and have repeatedly claimed didn't come from Russia.

Lollerskates on this exchange. Returned to the American people? Yikes.

My favorite part of this has to be Trump & Co.'s 'Clintons Did It!' Kansas City Shuffle strategy. At first, it is wildly infuriating, but after a while just the sheer audacity is stunning. Angry Chainsmoker Who Quit Yesterday Sarah Huckabee Sanders has my favorite rebuttal:

"I think we are seeing now that if there was any collusion with Russia, it was between the DNC and the Clintons, and certainly not our campaign,” Sanders told reporters.

Nooooope, nope, nope, nope.  Nice try, guys, but according to someone named Caitlin Johnstone, not only is there nothing to see, here ::), but, well, I don't even know where to begin with this :o -

I think you'll also enjoy this latest "gem" ::) -

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