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I both love and hate this game.

Disclaimer: I played like 800 hours of 2k15 and then didn't play 16 or 17.

The archetype system is wonky. Your myPlayer is just going to be good at things that don't matter and bad at things that do. I cannot remotely recreate my myPlayer from 15 in any way shape or form because of it. Upside is I learned how to play a totally different style. The finally fixed not telling you what the upgrades equal numerically, but not until I was like 70 games into my rookie season.

I like the soundtrack, my only complaint is to get the E rating a few of the songs are very heavily censored. There is one rap that is in Spanish I think (it could be Portuguese or French and Spanish mixed or a Patois of some kind) that me and my wife jam out to. It even has a recording studio where you can remix some of the music, though I haven't figured out if it is just for amusement or if later cutscenes will reveal more.

I like the way myCareer, Pro-Am, and the playground (used to be myPark) can all be used interchangeably with your myPlayer, though it does seem like you have to double buy animations to use them everywhere.

MyGM is garbage. The first year is scripted and I won't post past what has already been revealed, but it is bad. I rage quit the first time through and then ran as the Lakers for my second go round, which was satisfying but not fun. They really need less scripting, more player control, and to not have Brad Stevens look like an alien wearing him as a bodysuit.

This game will be much more fun when someone bothers to make a build guide (a chart not a youtube video) that lets you make the myPlayer you want to play as and the mode that uses current rosters and injuries goes live. Your height, weight and wingspan all affect the max ratings of a given archetype in addition to what position you play. You can't just max height and wingspan and not be slower and clumsier anymore and it is not apparent when you make these choices.

In myCareer I have a problem with the whole Sixers team being healthy while Kyrie, Hayward, and Smart missed half the year and Kyrie is about to miss playoff games (I'm not awful at this game, we are still battling over a middle playoff seed.)

All of that said I already have a blister on my hand from this game and am about 150 hours in, so I obviously like it quite a bit.