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Author Topic: 7'7 Robert Bobroczky. 16 year old. Found our center  (Read 7981 times)

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Re: 7'7 Robert Bobroczky. 16 year old. Found our center
« Reply #30 on: November 11, 2018, 08:34:28 PM »

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I did some googling, he was born in Arad, Romania, whicn has a Hungarian minority, and he plays for an Italian team. This explains the language thing. Italian is easy for Romanian speakers, but Hungarian is hard unless you are native.

Other than that, the jump ball in the vid sums it up. The opponent jumps and misses the ball, Bobroczky merely waves his hand without jumping, but throws it out. A huge advantage in terms of height, doesn't translate well until you get strength and coordination.

This vid is also fun to watch and shows him in a slightly better light.

He seems to be a smart and shy person. Wish him the best.
how true. though what is odd is that for italians romanian is a challenge. go figure.  ;D

anyway, back to bobroczky, i wish him luck but i also worry about his future health.
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