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Re: Celtics (1-1) vs Jazz (2-0) Utah SL Game 3 7/6/17
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The Jazz fans remind me of Carolina Panthers fans during the 2004 preseason game against the Pats. It was the year after the Pats beat them in the Super Bowl.

Carolina fans were calling it a "rematch."

They won a close game against our third string and we went on to win another Super Bowl.


Pats would've steamrolled the sorry butt Panthers in that 2016 Superbowl if it weren't for Ghost's missed PAT in the AFCCG.



Sad to think about, would have been nice slapping them around.

Come to think about it both of Peyton's SB wins came against teams that pretty much disintegrated in the SB.

As much as I love the heart-attack-inducing exciting finishes of the Pats, getting an easy one for a change wouldn't be so bad, either.

I feel ya. All SEVEN Superbowl games of this century were so close. The last two had me to the edge of my seat with my heart racing. I'm still bitter about the 2007 one, so something Giants fans can always enjoy...until we beat them if both teams ever meet again.

I credit Denver's defense that beat the Patriots. They had the best defense that year. Pats were just two points shy of tying and beating them in Mile High.

But I'm glad the Pats also mounted the greatest comeback in Superbowl history  :angel:


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