Author Topic: Vin Baker reinventing self as summer camp director  (Read 566 times)

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Re: Vin Baker reinventing self as summer camp director
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Seems that Vin is recovering from the whirlwind of his life in the NBA and hopefully has put the alcohol use behind him.  I think it's great and hope he remains steady and happy.  He always seemed like a good guy to me beneath the battle for sobriety, identity and life. He seems to have come out of all this grounded and with manageable purpose.  Sometimes the money, limelight, rigor and expectations are too much.   Glad he's alive and positive!

On another note, former NBA players (all athletes) often are humbled by their post-athletic careers. I remember in grad school in the 80's I was in the BC library in a conference room when a gigantic man came in to replace the castors on a wobbly cart.   I recognized him immediately -- Hank Finkel.  I said hello and that I was a fan.  He seemed appreciative but (and it may have just been my interpretation) a little embarrassed.  Of course back then NBA players weren't earning millions and almost all had to go out and just making a living after (and even during) their basketball career.


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