Author Topic: Pick an all-time C's team to beat CLE/GS without Russell/Bird/Hondo/KG  (Read 7407 times)

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How are people sleeping on Reggie??

Long, athletic, excellent defender (ask Jordan), long/midrange/driver, he was before his time.  He'd be great today.

Yeah, to me Reggie / Pierce easily outpaces Pierce / Ray, but some folks might be worried about our spacing. I prefer the length and spacing, and think that Reggie would have added an improved 3PT shot in the modern era.

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How are people sleeping on Reggie??

Long, athletic, excellent defender (ask Jordan), long/midrange/driver, he was before his time.  He'd be great today.

I had picked Reggie as the 6th man off the bench. I loved Reggie and he is one of my all time favorite Celtics. I was going back and forth as to who to take at SG, but I decided on Ray Allen due to his superior 3 point shooting, which I thought would have been needed against the two teams involved. I also decided to pick Dennis Johnson to try to lock down Curry and Irving.

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Got to have Bill Walton coming off the bench
C/PF-Horford, Baynes, Noel, Theis, Morris,
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I don't know about you guys, but I feel that good ol' Rick Fox is worth mentioning as he could match up pretty good with this Warriors team. Also, he was able to play with anybody due to his 3&D skillset and good BBIQ.
He won with Lakers, but he bled green and was basically tricked by our FO.
Let's give him some props.
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With everyone healthy?

Ray Allen
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I'm just laughing thinking of people trying to score inside against McHale and Shaq.

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Sam Jones

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Id probably put Posey in there. He can probably contain both Love and Draymond.

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Cowens would kill GSW

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Jo Jo White - I wanted DJ to guard Steph or Kyrie, but I think we need shooting
Pierce - play him at the 2, he can guard Klay and make him work on the other end
Maxwell - to stick on Durant or Lebron
McHale - his post up game can still work in today's game, help with weakside D
Cowens - either him or Parish, I think his DC's perimeter game makes him more useful, although I could see making the case for Parish.

If we can do a bench:

DJ - lock up Curry and Kyrie
Ray Allen - shooting obviously, plus jokes about how he will jump to one of these teams if we lose
Satch - another 3 to put on Lebron and KD
Paul Silas - D and rebounding - would match up nicely with Draymond
Parish - Great for posting up, pick and rolls, interior defense
Ainge - D and shooting - I think his athleticism would work well in a death lineup with Max, Silas, Ray and Jo Jo
Sam Jones - you can't have enough shooters or clutch performers
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Isaiah Thomas
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Got to add Paul Silas to kick butt on the boards and Din Chaney for defense

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Isaiah Thomas
Jaylen Brown
Gordon Hayward
Marcus Morris
Al Horford
I like it.
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