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Last show ever today

left to right...Albom, Ryan, Lupica, Rhoden.   It's like 110 years of reporters

Lupica: Put this on continual loop. I agree with Ryan

Rhoden:  Why isn't Kobe in this discussion with Bron and MJ?
Lupica: Because he isn't as good as them.

TP for digging up a nearly six year old thread. You certainly have a way with this and should be the designated CB historian.

I can't believe this was the last show (I didn't even see it). It was one of my favorites on ESPN; I always enjoyed the Dick Schaap days back in the 90s and the mostly informative panels through the years. I guess ESPN needs to find more time on the air for the loud/obnoxious folks and the two-bit former pro-athletes who masquerade as sports 'analysts'.


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