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Yeah, but if you back to the old CB forum posts, you know that Ante Zizic is a budding allstar.  ;D

I know you are just being snarky but Zizic is still a promising young big that most teams would be glad to have in the mix.  The make or break for this trade in my mind was always Isaiah Thomas (not the Nets pick or Zizic).  I thought that IT was going to be a factor for the Cavs for their playoff run.  I expect that they thought that too.  IT ended up doing nothing for them and was traded for some decent young depth players.  Not a total loss for CLE but not what they were expecting I am sure.  Even if the Nets pick had ended up #1, I am still glad to have Kyrie (even #1 picks don't always work out).

Of course Kyrie is hurt for the playoffs to add some irony but this has to go down as a good trade for the Celtics, even great.


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